Club Reports: Wall Street Plaza, Proper, The Vanguard

With mild temperatures in the low 70’s, we began our Friday night at Wall Street Plaza.
Crowds at WSP appear to have never really recovered from the covid-closures and they’re trying different things to differentiate themselves in the downtown market. One of those things is having live bands playing occasionally because there just aren’t a lot of bands in DTO.
Davis & The Love (USA) was playing Top 40 hits last night and Wall Street admission was free.
We heard some Hall & Oates (USA) and Michael Jackson (USA) in their mix. Wall Street Plaza has also been bringing-in big name DJ acts too where paid admission is required. DJ Borgore (IL) plays here on December 29th while DJ Green Velvet (USA) brings his LALALAND tour to downtown on January 13th.
Newer club Proper still doesn’t have a sign so look for this floor mat along Orange Avenue.
This club’s niche is its all-vinyl music format. We found DJ Juanderful (USA) in the booth upon arrival.
When you arrive, you’re greeted by this front bar which was doing a brisk business last night.
If it’s too busy, come aft to this rear bar jammed with “top shelf” liquor choices!
Proper has its own vinyl collection but DJ’s typically bring their own as well just like back in the day!
The music during our visit included a lot of 70’s Disco and 80’s Funk.
The venue is upscale so don’t dress like a slob.
Now on to Firestone, The Club at Firestone, Firestone Live, Venue 578, The Vanguard.
Programmed by Insomniac, we walked into this!
DJ Chris Duran (USA) was the opener and still playing when we arrived. First time seeing him and his selections were on the House/EDM side.
And then at 11:30PM, there she was!
Dance floor was packed!
There’s an unwritten rule in the DJ world (maybe it’s written somewhere too) that openers are not supposed to play better sets than the headliners. OMG, she blew that rule up last night with an amazing mostly vocal, mostly Tech House set that included the entire Green Velvet (USA)/Patrick Topping (GB) hit “Voice Mail (Meet Me At The Club)“.
VNSSA looking-fine in her 90’s retro baggy cargo and platform sneakers look.
House remix of classic “Shiny Disco Balls“. Also, House remixes of Opus III (GB) hit “It’s A Fine Day” and Snap! (D) “The Power“. Loving all these recent remixes that have been coming out!
Although she’s played Orlando several times since then, we last saw her play locally at EDC in 2019.
Just after 1AM, the headliners came on, DJ duo Walker & Royce (USA).
We had previously seen them at Club Space in Miami for a “Dirtybird Records” show and they had played at Elixir here in Orlando as well.
Packed to the rafters!
But having just seen VNSSA’s amazing set, this just wasn’t as interesting and we departed relatively early.
But nonetheless, a good time was had by all.