Club Reports: Ann Teague’s Lamp Supply, Aero Bar, The Beacham, The Corner

After a week in Europe, it was great to be back in DTO. We had read in Bungalower that Ann Teague’s Lamp Supply would be closing before the new owner renovated and reopened it as new venue The Arena.
So wanting to check it out one last time, we arrived last night to find it already closed!
Subsequently, we’ve learned that it’s just temporarily closed and will supposedly reopen this coming Thursday as Ann Teague’s before later closing again for the renovations. So we’ll just delay our visit until next weekend!
Home to quality lamp fixtures, craft cocktails and DJ’s, it was such a fun place to have a drink as seen in this file photo. We look forward to whatever will replace it.
Next stop one of our downtown Orlando favorites, Aero Bar.
Where we walked into THIS!
Saturday night resident DJ Dominick Morrison (USA) in the booth.
The mostly EDM set had the dance floor crowded.
The annual Christmas Pub Crawl was in progress too so lots of holiday-dressed patrons in the club.
Of course we know “The Dom” from back-in-the-day as the Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday night resident DJ at Mannequins Dance Palace at Disney’s Pleasure Island complex.
Aero is a rooftop bar so you’re literally “dancing with the stars”.
Spotted in the booth, DJ being mobbed by Shanelly and Kara.
Spotted on the dance floor: Pub Crawl patrons including Shelly getting ready for the next MSC White Party.
Always great vibes at Aero Bar every Friday and Saturday night. And they’ll be open on NYE this year too featuring DJ Cliff T (USA).
Downstairs you’ll find The Beacham.
We walked into THIS!
On stage and in the booth…..
Saturday night resident DJ Richie Rich (USA).
Joined here with Hostess Danie B (USA) from radio station 104.5 The Beat.
The music is 100% Hip Hop.
Not as crowded as we’ve seen in some our prior visits but it was hardly empty either.
Free admission for Ladies on Friday nights while on Saturday nights, everyone is free but only until 11PM.
One final stop, The Corner.
Where we walked into THIS!
Saturday night resident DJ Alex Chang (USA) was in the perch.
The Pup Crawl occupied much of the dance floor.
Everyone was in a festive mood with Christmas just 2 weeks away!
The music here mainly Hip Hop but more Top 40 old and new mixed-in as well.
Gettin’ down!
Before 1AM and the jet lag was setting in so we didn’t stay out late. But everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.