Club Reports: Sky Lounge, Euribia Lounge, White Party (MSC Euribia)

By now you know that if we’re traveling we like to share entertainment choices in the various cities or ships we’re on. We began this trip in Great Britain.
We’ve been on numerous cruises in winter to the Caribbean, but never a real cold weather winter cruise! This is a sailing on MSC Euribia from Southampton, England with stops in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France. Should be interesting!
We began our tour of the ship at Sky Lounge, located on Deck 18 midship.
The name comes from the views of the ship’s pool deck which was not seeing much action last night given temperatures in the mid-30F° range!
Didn’t realize this was a piano bar with a small dance floor so it’s not likely we’ll be spending much time up here.
Of course there is a bar too which was already seeing some activity at this early hour.
Things were a bit busier at Euribia Lounge located on Deck 6 in the ship’s galleria.
The music here was provided by Shine Band (SRB).
Many of the passengers looked to be in their 60’s & 70’s which coincided with the music from the 60’s like “It’s Now or Never” (1960) and 70’s like “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” (1971).
The Euribia bar stayed super-busy given its location along the ship’s main passageway.
That passageway is called the Euribia Galleria which is lined with shops, bars, restaurants and an amazing lighted ceiling that is constantly changing images. Royal Caribbean often gets credit for creating these corridors on their original Voyager-class ships but they actually got the idea from Silja Line, a Finnish cruise ferry company that sails between Finland and Sweden.
And last night was home to the MSC‘s “White Party”.
A tradition on MSC and many other cruise lines, this is the first time we’ve attended one indoors since they’re normally held out on the pool deck.
The theme of the White Party on MSC is the DJ visits a number of countries around the world and then plays a song representative of that country. Last night they began in the USA with “The Twist” (1958) followed by songs from Italy, South Africa and France.
The DJ booth is located on this bridge that passes over the galleria.
The music was delivered by DJ Jay Kosch (F).
Dance floor got jammed!
The idea at a White Party is to wear white although silver is increasingly acceptable as well.
Invariably at these white parties, someone never got the memo!
“Macarena” (Original 1993, Megahit 1996) represented Spain led by the ship’s animation team.
Black shoes were acceptable.
Back to the USA for “Fireball” (2014).
Towards the end the DJ switched it over to mostly EDM and EDM remixes of popular hit songs.
Interestingly, while this white party followed MSC‘s “songs around the world” format, our last cruise on MSC Seaside this past September followed a completely Open Format as described here. Jay Kosch tells OEN that cruises departing from Florida typically play more Hip Hop and Latin because that’s what the crowd wants.
“Baby One More Time” (1998) remixed to EDM. Nice!
Confetti explosion!
Just the first night of the cruise with many more to come! A good time was had by all.