Club Reports: White Party (MSC Seaside)

By now you know that if we’re traveling we like to share entertainment choices in the various cities or ships we’re on. So here we were on MSC Seaside doing a quick Labor Day weekend mini-cruise to MSC‘s private island, Ocean Cay, Bahamas.
Of course the ship’s resident DJ Burn (RP) was on hand to deliver the music!
On some ships this is called the White Party, on some ships it’s the White Night Party, on some other ships it’s the White Hot Party and according to Blog reader Lanie, on some ships it’s called the White People’s Party! It began at 11PM last night, the final night of the cruise.
And the dance floor quickly filled-in! The idea at a “White Party” is to wear as much white as you can.
MC Nicole (NAM) from the ship’s Animation Team led the beginning of the show.
The party music was wide-ranging from C+C Music Factory (USA) “Everybody Dance Now” to Daddy Yankee (USA) “Gasolina” to Black Eyed Peas (USA) “I Got A Feeling” to Usher (USA) “DJ Got Us Falling In Love”. Much of it was remixed to a faster EDM beat.
They say you can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
Damn! They were right!
Not everyone got the memo.
There was a Men’s dancing contest.
There was a Ladies dancing contest.
Our last White Party was on Norwegian Jade back in May doing 7-nights Greece, Cyrpus & Israel. You can see those pics here. Our most recent White Party on MSC was in April on MSC Splendida doing 7-nights Saudi Arabia, Jordan & Egypt and you can view those pics here.
The crowd was definitely psyched-up!
“You used to call me on my cell phone.” Some Drake (CDN).
We think this might have been the best MSC White Party we’ve attended. On other recent MSC ships like MSC Splendida & MSC Seashore, the theme of the White Party is the DJ visits a number of countries around the world and then plays a song representative of that country. This open format was much better and thankfully no Chicken Dance!
Great party and a good time was had by all.