Club Reports: Skybar vs Skylounge, Euphoria, Proper, Grumpys Underground

Saturday night in the city and we began our night at the new A.C. Hotel by Marriott, home to AC Skybar. We wanted to compare it to that other “sky” bar across the highway!
In the building’s lobby you have to take a lift up to the 18th floor.
On 18, at one far end is the hotel’s Reception desk.
And at the other far end, this indoor bar which was jammed last night.
In between the front desk and the inside bar, lots of seating. We can tell you from experience that if you arrive after 10PM you’ll either have to wait in line to get in or you’ll be sent away; it’s that popular.
Step outdoors to this other bar.
And this westward-facing open-air view of beautiful Interstate 4 and Amway Center.
In the corner of Amway Center, our next stop.
Skylounge at Amway Center.
Located on the 6th floor, even more exciting views of Interstate 4.
Because the Skylounge view is eastward, you can see the A.C. Hotel and up there where the columns are on floor 18, AC Skybar.
Which of the two “sky” bars is better? They’re both unique experiences but as far as the views, the lower bar at Amway wins because you can see the entire downtown Orlando skyline facing east while the higher view at the Marriott faces west away from the city and thus not as much to see. Road geeks will enjoy I-4 from either vantage.
New club Euphoria has been open about a week now so we stopped by. There is no club sign outside yet.
Located where eVe previously operated, this fantastic lighted metallic staircase remains from the eVe days.
Arriving early, there was just a handful in the entry room. The main bar is located here and indeed, it is now the club’s only bar.
The other bar that was located in this room has been removed to increase available seating.
And another bar that used to be located here in the main room was also removed and replaced with plush seating.
The DJ booth has been moved forward and is much more visible from the dance floor. DJ Haze (USA) was on the decks during our visit.
The music a mix of light Hip Hop, Latin, Top 40 and even some EDM.
We were here at Proper last weekend but had to return.
There is one bar immediately upon entry.
On a beautiful night like last night, overhead doors open to this seating area on the sidewalk.
And at the very back of Proper, a second, much-larger bar.
We don’t normally visit the same places two weekends in a row but when DJ Chino (USA) is playing downtown, we go!
Chino opened with some late 80’s/Early 90’s Eurodance hits such as Corona (I) “Rhythm of the Night” and Snap! (D) banger “Rhythm Is A Dancer” as his main squeeze Jamie looked on.
We’ve visited Proper at least a half-dozen times since they opened this past March and this was the most-crowded we’ve ever seen their dance floor!
And the crowd skewed female!
All the music at Proper is played off vinyl. The club is amply stocked with their own albums but the DJ’s typically bring their own as well, old school style! I think Chino brought at least 8 crates of records.
The music would switch to Hip Hop hits such as 50 Cent (USA) “In Da Club” and Reel 2 Reel (USA) “I Like To Move It” ft. The Mad Stuntman (TT). I had to remind Chino this was not The Groove, lol. But the floor got even more crowded.
Such a fun set!
A good time was had by all.
One final stop to make to Grumpys Underground, Orlando’s home of Breaks.
We arrived to find DJ JMe_RecStar (USA) in the booth.
Jamie looked resplendent in her black backless minidress and over-the-knee boots.
She had the dance floor bouncing!
The 90’s are back! Lots of baggy wide-leg cargo pants on the dance floor.
Even some UFO‘s as seen here.
And then, there he was!
DJ OnDaMike (USA)
Equal Time Provisions of Federal blogging regulations require that if we’re going to comment about what female DJ’s are wearing, we have to do the same for the male DJ’s. OnDaMike looked resplendent in his grey Ravesta Records tee shirt over blue jeans, topped by a black & grey baseball cap.
DJ’s, yes, we saw DJ’s! DJ Rosk (USA) with Leona.
DJ Rosk flanked by DJ J-ROK (USA) and DJ Spark-D (USA).
DJ Magic Mike (USA) with his beautiful bride Que Peace Hampton.
Magic Mike joined by DJ Losman (USA).
DJ Losman with DJ Amber Jane (USA).
Jamie with DJ Infiniti (USA).
DJ MoSkillz (USA) with DJ Frequie-G (USA).
DJ Cru Dawg (USA) with Shalawn.
DJ Heather Effie (USA) giving us that look you get from great Breaks! A reminder that EDC-Orlando goes Breaks next Sunday at the Rynobus Art Car stage with DJ’s such as Keith Mackenzie (USA), Huda Hudia (USA), Dave London (GB/USA) and many, many more!
The music was so good, even World Famous Shawn Fenn put down his phone and was dancing!
Spotted on the dance floor: Shawnii, Jason & Tanyia
Spotted outside: Earth Dance 2024
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls! DJ Heather Collins (USA)
Most crowded we’ve ever seen Grumpys and a good time was had by all.