Concert Report: Roots (Iron Cow)

When Ace Cafe was shuttered earlier this year, Orlando lost a great concert venue where the Future Sound of Breaks (FSOB) crew had held so many amazing DJ events these past years. They had heard Iron Cow might offer a more intimate venue so they gave that idea an attempt last night.
The event was called “Roots” because the lineup was taking us back to FSOB‘s roots in Dance music.
The show opened at 8PM with DJ ZZ (USA).
Going back to our roots indeed, ZZ’s set was jammed with 90’s Classic Dance hits which during those times were mostly Breaks.
Of course when you’re the opener, there’s just not a lot of people on the dance floor yet. But stay tuned!
We had met ZZ for the first time just last month at the Club 600 North reunion show in Daytona Beach.
South Florida-based DJ Bobby Buzz (USA) was up next!
He would deliver a lot more of those Classic Dance hits in much of his set.
By now the Iron Cow bar was getting occupied.
And the dance floor was seeing more activity as well.
Breakers gonna break!
Over the years we have seen Bobby Buzz at so many Ace Cafe as well as Miami events!
By 9PM the queue to get inside had stretched all the way to the street!
Getting ready to go on stage, the legend DJ Knightlife (USA) with Carla.
And then taking over, there he was!
Knightlife’s set included a lot of recent EDM hits, remixed to a Breakbeat.
Dance floor was getting busy even though most were to scared to venture closer, lol.
You know it’s going to be a great night when Dorsey is in the club!
We first met DJ Knightlife when he used to play regularly at clubs like Vixen Bar and Suite B Lounge.
Rear views.
Although we met Knightlife around 10 years ago which is relatively recently, his place in Orlando music history dates back much further.
The DJ Knightlife Fan Club was in the house!
The “Head” of FSOB, Glyn S. Morgan announcing the next headliner…..
DJ Security (USA)
The Breaks & Electro continued, Cyberzone style!
A lot of last night’s music came off vinyl.
Dance floor still had some capacity.
You know Iron Cow is a legit club because they have the requisite shiny disco ball over the dance floor!
Breakers gonna break.
Security’s set had the club bouncing.
A lot of people were visiting Iron Cow for the first time last night. Please be aware that in 2023 alone we’ve seen so many international touring DJ’s play here including Roni Size (GB), LTJ Bukem (GB), Black Loops (D), Miguel Migs (USA), DJ Minx (USA), DJ Colette (USA), AK1200 (USA), Jody Wisternoff (GB), DJ Three with Öona Dahl (USA) and more! And that’s just some of them and that’s just this year! You should be keeping Iron Cow on your radar.
We first became acquainted with DJ Security when he was one of the regulars at Suite B Lounge/Peek Downtown.
We saw lots of peeps last night. Some we knew and some were new.
Amy Lyn wasn’t able to make it to last night’s show. Amy Lyn, in the traditional pic with Dorsey, this could have been you!
These 45-minute sets moved all-too-quickly and it was suddenly 11PM and time for another legend!
DJ Eric Berretta (USA)
By now the club was wall-to-wall!
That look you get from great Breaks!
Taking us back to the Old Skool at the Coliseum in Daytona and Firestone in Orlando.
Dance singer Jamie Blue (USA) came on for some vocals.
Stopping the dance floor in their tracks with “We Were There”.
Coming out of retirement for Roots, DJ R-Fresh (USA).
There’s something so refreshing when you see a DJ thumb through their box of records, hurriedly looking for that next track to play!
It was great to see so many familiar faces in the crowd. The vibe was thick!
Some of his tracks had so much bass that the floor vibrated!
R-Fresh backstage prior to his set.
More peeps!
Spotted before his set, yet another legend playing last night, DJ Stylus (USA).
And he would take over at 1AM to close out the night.
Doing an Abyss Nightclub set.
So much great music last night.
Great music? YES! Great DJ’s? YES! More intimate venue? YES! Did FSOB deliver the goods? YES! A good time was had by all