Club Reports: Fixtion, Monkey Bar, The Vanguard

No new ground covered last night as we visited several familiar places in downtown Orlando beginning with new club Fixtion.
We arrived to find DJ Mitch (USA) in the booth playing House.
New to the club: a tech booth has been added. Fixtion and most of the south side of the Wall Street Plaza club complex is owned by the ownership of the now-closed Gilt Concert Venue and they’re moving equipment from Gilt over to WSP. We’re told lasers and other lighting from Gilt will be added here soon!
Fixtion was fairly busy last night but nothing like some nights we’ve visited.
Awhile later, DJ Phoenix Jagger (USA) had taken control.
And the dance floor was seeing some activity.
While Fixtion faces Orange Avenue, Monkey Bar is directly along Wall Street.
DJ Hulian (USA) was in the booth when we visited. House music, of course!
The dance floor was empty, but the inside bar was jammed.
As was the outside bar located on their balcony.
Looking down from the balcony, we could see that a stage has been installed for today’s FSU football game Watch Party. DJ Mynd (USA) will be hosting the show and it’s free! Go Gators!
DJ Adrian B (USA) would take his turn in the booth a bit later.
Firepower! Monkey Bar already had good sound but these units from Gilt only make it better!
Next stop, The Vanguard. Programmed by Insomniac, some of the world’s top DJ’s play here!
We walked into THIS!
The opening DJ Pacho Berrocal (USA) was still on when we arrived.
Presented by Factory 93, the music last night, Techno Techno Techno!
Dance floor was jammed!
We’ve complained constantly about how dark they keep it inside The Vanguard and last night was no different. DJ Marino Canal (E) came on at 11:30PM.
The DJ’s here, nothing but a silhouette. Marino Canal’s excellent set included a lot of Techno with vocals.
INL in the house. These two flew down from Minnesota just for last night’s show!
Blinded by the light.
You couldn’t see him but there was no mistaking the distinctive outline of his head and body!
The headliner, DJ Carl Cox (GB).
He yelled his first trademarked “Oh Yes! Oh Yes!” early in the program.
We caught a better glimpse of him when he played here at The Vanguard in October, 2021.
And even more so when we visited him in the outdoor booth at Igloofest Montreal during a Canadian winter! Tickets and lineups for the 2024 Igloofest shows will be going on sale here soon.
Packed to the rafters!
One could almost see him here! His Techno set was booming!
Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.