Club Report: The Castle (Tampa)

We checked the Blog archives and saw that we had not visited The Castle in Tampa’s Ybor City area since 2018. So we were way overdue for a visit!
Built into an old church, this is the home of Goth in Tampa. Arriving around 11PM, there was already a long queue on the sidewalk waiting to get in!
There are 3 areas of music at The Castle. This was the main room dance floor upon arrival.
Saturday night resident DJ Tom Gold (USA) was in the perch overlooking the floor. The music was mostly Industrial with good doses of other darker genres such as Synthpop, Goth and EBM. Does everybody remember CD’s!
The main bar was jammed all night.
The lasers, new to the club since our last visit, were flying.
Halloween decorations mixed well with their normal Goth & church decor!
There was some fisting going on!
There was also a long line of volunteers, predominately female, waiting to get their asses whipped by an experienced Dom and Dominatrix. Legitimate leather belts and paddles were being used. I’m sure many had been naughty and deserved their punishments.
Downstairs in The Dungeon, we found DJ Joe Gambino (USA) playing a mostly EDM/Electrohouse set.
The dance floor was busy but not like upstairs.
Private cells were available for your enjoyment.
Sometimes The Dungeon is used for separately ticketed events like this one back in 2016 when we saw DJ Brian Busto (USA) opening for DJ Lauren Lane (USA).
The third area of music at The Castle is called The Patio where long time resident DJ Sean (USA) was playing music similar to the main room upstairs.
Because it is partly covered, it took several doses of a cooling breeze to realize you were actually outside!
We saw lots of peeps last night. Some we knew and some were new.
Back upstairs in the main room it had gotten absolutely packed!
And in all three rooms last night, a good time was had by all.