Club Reports: Fixtion, Aero Bar, The Vanguard

We began our Saturday night in downtown Orlando at newer club Fixtion.
At this early hour, they were still clearing out the dinner tables from the booths in favor of smaller cocktail tables. DJ Don Diaz (USA) was in the booth playing Top 40 but the focus was on the UCF football game on the screen behind him.
There were small pockets of people scattered around the venue but this place gets crazy later on!
After a quick drink it was on to one of our downtown favorites, Aero Bar.
Saturday night resident DJ Dominick Morrison (USA) was in the booth playing a wicked set of House and EDM tunes. A couple of people even asked me if I knew who the DJ was because it was so good!
The early crowd.
Someone asked me on Friday night why I didn’t use my camera phone in lieu of my other camera(s) so all my pics last night were off my phone. If this article looks kind of funky, now you know why. Uploading is much more difficult, they post in different sizes (PC view, phone view seems ok) and they’re way too blue. Next week we’re going back to a real camera!
The lasers were flying!
As a rooftop venue, you’re literally “dancing with the stars”.
The Dominick Morrison Fan Club was in attendance. Nice!
We needed to get to The Vanguard but the music was so good it was impossible to leave!
And the dance floor would get packed!
It’s now called The Vanguard but many still remember it as Firestone, The Club at Firestone, Firestone Live or even Venue 578.
After finally extracting ourselves from Aero Bar, we arrived to find the opener DJ Miss Dre (USA) still in the booth but closing her House set.
Within moments of arriving the middle set DJ was taking over…..
DJ Bleu Clair (RI)
For anyone that has attended events at The Vanguard, you know the DJ’s usually play in darkness up on the mainstage. Last night, the DJ booth was brought down to floor level and literally out onto the dance floor. It was amazing!
And packed here too!
Bleu Clair’s was really animated for his House/Tech House set.
At 12:25AM the headliner arrived. She was giving out lots of hugs and handshakes! We figured she was about to come on at 12:30AM but didn’t take over until 1AM.
DJ J. Worra (USA)
Bringing her “Rinse & Repeat” Tour to Orlando, her weekly mix show on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio goes by the same name.
A view of the DJ booth occupying space out on the dance floor. Love this concept and hope they do this again in the future.
We got to chit chat with J.Worra last year before her set when she played at Orlando’s Skyline Music Festival.
House music all night long.
A good time was had by all.