Club Reports: The Vanguard, Iron Cow, Barbarella

First stop last night was The Vanguard for an event called “Flashback 2000”, a tribute to EDM from around the turn-of-the-century.
No DJ was advertised on their flyer so we didn’t know who to expect. Upon arrival, we found DJ Jack Barkin (USA) on stage playing Classic Dance/EDM/Electrohouse. It was like listening to WPYO 95.3Party back during that era!
Doors opened at 10PM and there was already a crowd gathering when we arrived shortly thereafter.
And a half hour after that, the floor had gotten like this with a line outside ready to enter.
It was a mostly 20-something crowd which was ironic because most of them would have been too young or not even born yet to have been around when this music first came out. Nonetheless they knew the songs and were singing and dancing to it!
The peeps want EDM! Floor packed for songs by DJ’s such as Galantis (S), Martin Solveig (F), Audien (USA) and Afrojack (NL). We typically hear House, Techno and Trance in Orlando clubs so to have a night dedicated to just Dance, it was a great experience!
Over at Elixir Bar, Jack Barkin has recently opened for DJ’s such as Kyle Watson (ZA) and Marten Hørger (D).
Hope to see The Vanguard do some more EDM shows again in the future!
Next stop over into the Milk District and Iron Cow.
We arrived to find DJ Nick Whitney (USA) in the booth playing House.
Famous for his weekly “Discothèque” shows at Independent Bar, he dropped one very Disco-like banger last night that had me insisting to him to bring back that night!!
Nick Whitney would alternate with DJ duo Latenight Society (USA).
Latenight Society is made up of DJ Romano Arcaini (D/USA)…..
…..and DJ Jason Leva (USA).
The bar was busy last night.
The dance floor had its moments.
Spotted on the dance floor: Iron Cow resident DJ Lola B. (USA)
Such great music last night!
By now you know that Barbarella has relocated from downtown to a warehouse out in suburbia. They’re only open on Saturday nights for 80’s New Wave and Alternative.
But on the 2nd Friday of each month they also open for a special show titled ‘Memento Mori” with a more Dark Wave, Goth and Industrial sound. With September being a holiday month, there was a bonus “MM” with them open last night instead.
“Memento Mori” resident DJ Lavidicus (USA) was in the booth delivering the dark sounds.
Arriving after 1AM, much of the crowd had already departed.
But like everywhere we visited last night, a good time was had by all.