Club Reports: Nook, Sportstown, Iron Cow

We spend a lot of time in downtown Orlando but we know you like variety. Thus, last weekend we showed you some action along Orlando’s International Drive and last night we were in Orlando’s Milk District.
Located along Robinson Street and surrounding roads, the Milk District gets its name from the T.G. Lee Dairy that is located here. The dairy has been providing local families with fresh, nutritious dairy products since 1925.
In the Milk District, The Nook often has DJ’s playing in that front window but not so last night. This was the former home of Sandwich Bar before they moved to larger pastures at the Iron Cow. (See what we did there? Cow/Pastures/Dairy/Milk District)
Sportstown is a large billiards hall with full liquor bars and a game room.
It’s always busy in here!
Bull & Bush is a genuine British pup and it’s located in the Milk District as well.
There are a couple retail shops in the District and a taco joint. This spot, which appears vacant, is the former home of Drop Shop, a record and DJ equipment store. Tickets to our very first AAHZ Reunion were purchased here!
And then there is the Iron Cow, home to so many great DJ shows.
We arrived earlier than normal in order to catch DJ Freeda Sol (USA).
Her House set was so good she herself was bouncing!
Her music was non-vocal during our visit but her final two tracks brought out some “words” and were awesome.
She had posted plans to wear her platform boots but she never said they’d be Doc Martens!
Even though it was early, the bar was already jammed!
Around 10:35PM, turning over controls to the next artist…..
DJ Brian Busto (USA)
And he would take us on one of his musical journeys.
Dance floor started to see some activity.
First time seeing Brian Busto since he opened for DJ Three (USA) at the old Barbarella in downtown back in 2021. You can reminisce on that event here.
His set had the crowd bouncing!
Packed dance floor.
That look you get when the music’s good.
It was great running into so many familiar faces!
Spotted in the Tech Booth: DJ Mathew Scot (USA)
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Freeda Sol with Justus.
Spotted re-creating a photo scene from 20 years ago: DJ James Zabiela (GB), DJ Mighty Shari (USA) & Concert Promoter Luis Evans.
Spotted backstage: Luis & Shari joined by Brian Busto.
Spotted in a crop top: Jennifer with her main squeeze Luis.
Spotted backstage: Mario & Luigi
And then around 12:35AM, the next shift change…..
DJ James Zabiela (GB)
People seemed to come out of the woodwork to get on the dance floor.
His set more on the Progressive side of House music.
First time seeing him perform live!
He would use this piece of equipment to add some unique sounds to his set.
He would constantly smile when the crowd would cheer for what he was playing.
Just another great night at Iron Cow and a good time was had by all.