Concert Report: Levitation (Melbourne)

When someone said there would be a DJ concert in Melbourne that featured an all-female DJ lineup, we knew we had to be there! So here we were on a Saturday night at Iron Oak Post in historic downtown Melbourne, Florida. (Editor’s Note: Historic in Boston means 1700’s. Historic in Melbourne means 1960’s.)
This was a fundraiser event for Driven By Heart, a cancer support group in Brevard County. Admission was just a $5 donation but many donated more.
There are two main rooms at Iron Oak Post. The music was happening in the large side room and we arrived around 8PM to find a crowd already on the dance floor.
DnB was happening at this early hour!
A fast-moving set from DJ Spindle (USA).
First time seeing her play!
She would go back-to-back with Orlando-based DJ Vixen Stylee (USA).
We heretofore had only known her as Victoria. We had never seen her perform as Vixen Stylee!
To the side, Jamie Blue (USA) was working triple duty as MC, narrator and at times, vocalist!
The dance floor was filling-up!
The evening had begun at 6PM and we had missed the concert’s opening set from DJ Gamma (USA). We did spot her here near the bar later with DJ Phin (USA).
The club’s main room is home to its namesake oak tree. There is also a large bar.
That bar wraps around into the side room where the music was happening.
And in the booth, it was time for this fine-looking Miami-based trio: The Geishaz Takeover!
DJ Medley (USA)
Delivering the Breaks.
Dance floor was active.
The lasers were going crazy.
So many out on the floor!
DJ Meaux (USA) would take over the next shift.
Continuing with Breaks and Electro!
Followed by DJ Laura D (USA).
First time seeing all of the Geishaz since their performances during Miami Music Week five months ago!
It never got super-crowded last night but the floor was always busy.
Our crooner Jamie Blue was crooning!
And then at the far end of the dance floor, activity on the lollipop!
Rose and Kaley gave us an amazing performance on the ring!
The show was moving at a rapid pace and just after 10:30PM, there she was…..
Melbourne-based DJ Jennifer Marley (USA).
Her House set had the club bouncing!
Some robots arrived!
You can never go wrong with robots!
And then some Go Go girls!
They say you can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
They were right!
It was great to hear some House after the earlier Breaks and DnB.
Since the closure of Orlando’s Neon Beach club followed by Ace Cafe a few months ago, the Breaks crowd has kind of disbanded so it was great to see so many peeps again from the scene!
It was all-too-soon 11:30PM and time for Tampa-based DJ JMe_RecStar (USA).
The always super-stylish JMe_RecStar was dressed in 90’s baggy!
So much yes for UFO‘s!
Dance floor was jamming for her classic Breaks set.
And she was getting in to it too!
Loved that the Kiki’s go go team stuck around and partied!
When Breaks are playing, no one moves faster than Navitas!
Prior to her set, spotted in the main room: DJ JMe_RecStar with famed DJ Infiniti (USA).
Spotted in VIP: DJ Pedro Vázquez, Emeritus (USA), DJ Supagroover (USA) and DJ Atnarko (USA).
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Spark-D (USA). Apparently due to copyright reasons, he has to go by DJ D-Spark here in Brevard County. We keep meaning to ask DJ Tooltime (USA) why that is!
Wow! After midnight and dressed in black…..Orlando-based DJ Lola B (USA).
A resident DJ at Iron Cow in Orlando, she went House on us too!
She had the floor bouncing!
Her set flew by way-too-fast but she closed with her namesake song, “Lola’s Theme”.
And then after 1AM and taking us to closing time, DJ Navitas (USA).
Earlier this year we had spotted her on the dance floor at Iron Cow and I told her I hadn’t seen her in awhile. She responded to say that she had retired from DJ’ing. My response was that there are two professions that are impossible to retire from: Mafia and DJ. So it was great to see her back in the perch!
Donations were generous and we’re happy to report that a check was delivered in the amount of $4,000.11 to Driven by Heart. Such a fun night and a good time was had by all.