Club Reports: The Landing, Dracula’s Legacy, Pier Teaki, Saint Speakeasy, Floridian Theater, Saigon Blonde, Goodnight John Boy (St. Petersburg)

As you know by now, if we’re traveling we like to share entertainment choices in the various cities or ships we’re on. When you’re in the Tampa Bay area the “Ybor City” area of Tampa is the more-famous “party district” but as you’re about to see, downtown St. Petersburg (hereafter DTSP) gives it a run for the money with it’s trendier, more-upscale and apparently safer offerings. We began our club tour at The Landing.
You know we’re into rooftop bars but this one located just one floor up isn’t much for views.
And on this hot August afternoon, just a handful partaking. But while empty now, we walked by those same stairs later in the evening and there was a line to get up here.
There is a DJ booth up here too but the music does not begin until 8PM.
Next stop was Dracula’s Legacy.
The small venue is hidden-away in a downtown alcove but we walked-in to a packed space.
Beware the bats! Downtown St. Petersburg, aka “The Burg”, has so many themed bars!
No DJ here, just Gothic background music!
One of the landmarks in DTSP is the St. Petersburg Pier and at the far end is this building which only just opened in 2020. It’s home to gift shops, restaurants and on the top level, another rooftop bar!
It’s called Pier Teaki and admission is free.
Great views looking back along the pier and the skyline of DTSP.
We found DJ 808 (USA) along one wall and he was playing a lot of 70’s Disco and 80’s Top 40 hits. It was a great vibe!
Lots of frozen concoctions to be had from the main tiki bar!
Reservations are an absolute must if you want to visit Saint Speakeasy.
No flash photography allowed in here so please excuse these red-tinged photos of the main room.
And the main bar. This is a craft cocktail venue where their main drinks are themed after the 7 Deadly Sins.
No DJ here, just a non-vocal House track playing some great music. The entire venue is themed including needing a “passphrase” to get past the Nun at the door! We won’t give away too many secrets since you need to experience Saint on your own.
There is a place for you to confess. Saint is home to “Temptation Thursdays” and “Sunday Sindustry Night”.
Your bar tab is delivered with a healthy dose of religion!
The next stop was The Floridian, a former theater dating back to 1924 which has been converted into a convert venue.
Arriving fashionably late, we walked into this!
It was 80’s MTV Night and live band “Electric Avenue” (USA) was on stage delivering 80’s New Wave.
They do a great job sounding exactly like the artists they were replicating.
Songs like “Don’t You Want Me”, “Radio Gaga”, “The Boys of Summer”, “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” and “Footloose” brought back that fabulous decade of music.
Place was pretty packed and it was hard to move about the place.
So much fun!
Saigon Blonde is a Vietnamese-themed bar but the music is definitely not from that country.
People were dancing downstairs in the main room.
And people were dancing upstairs on the second level.
Up here we found the booth staffed by DJ Kris Mikalz (USA). He’s been the Saturday night resident DJ here for more than 2.5 years.
House music all night long!
Crowd going crazy for MK (USA)/Dom Dolla (AUS) hit “Rhyme Dust“. Like everwhere we visited in DTSP last night (except the ticketed event at The Floridian), there are zero cover charges!
Saving the best for last! Second visit ever to Goodnight John Boy. We had previously visited on opening weekend and it hasn’t lost any luster. There was a 20-minute line to get in.
The music is Classic Top 40 dance hits including some Abba (S) about every fifth song or so!
Delivered by DJ Dexan (USA).
Songs like “Mama Mia”, “Material Girl” and “Boogie Wonderland” had the dance floor packed!
The 70’s were alive last night!
You know the place is legit when there’s a huge shiny disco ball above it.
And a large color-changing Lucite dance floor below it!
Come check out DTSP. Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.