Club Reports: The Corner, The Vanguard, Saddle Up, Elixir Bar

We began our Saturday night at The Corner, the former downtown home of Barbarella and Independent Bar.
The front room is pretty much as you remember it as I-Bar although this sign pointing you to 4 dance floors is certainly new. The dance floors they’re referring you to are here at The Corner, The Patio, Inside at The Patio and upstairs at Aero Bar. Also, since The Social is free at least this summer, there are actually 5 free dance floors!
Making the turn, this wall screams Barbarella.
In the main room, Independent Bar‘s metal dance floor was removed in favor of this wood floor to support the venue’s brief foray into Country Music as Wicked Whiskey’s. That lasted about two months, lol.
This familiar I-Bar seating area remains but it’s now decorated with signs for those selfies you gotta take.
The music format now is Top 40 and Hip Hop hits and we found DJ Alex Chang (USA) in the booth delivering the music. The club had just opened when we arrived so no one was here yet but we’ve seen crowds on that dance floor so come check it out.
Time for a visit to The Vanguard.
Pretty good-sized crowd on the dance floor and the openers were still playing.
DJ duo Dre Mendez & Caleb Dent (USA) playing House.
We didn’t stick around for the headliner DJ Galo (USA) who would come on around 1AM.
Since The Vanguard is programmed by Insomniac, some of Dance music’s biggest stars play here. The upcoming lineup includes DJ duo Yellow Claw (NL), Cash Cash (USA), Morten (DK), Sultan & Ned Shepard (CDN) and Carl Cox (GB). You can view the entire lineup and get advance tickets here.
Saddle Up is a Country bar located along Orange Avenue. As a Country music venue, we of course didn’t actually go inside.
But rumors of their demise are premature. They supposedly closed at the beginning of July but they’re still alive and kicking boot-scootin’. A spokesperson tells OEN they will now be closing in September.
And now for Blog-favorite Elixir Bar where there was a queue outside waiting to get in.
Out on their famous patio, DJ Matthias (USA) was in the booth playing a sick House set that at times included elements of Tech House and Latin House.
The dance floor was initially still a little empty.
But it quickly filled-in.
And then, there he was, the headliner…..
DJ Max Styler (USA)
And the floor got jammed!
Some of his hits such as “Lose Your Mind” and “Move My Feet” had the crowd bouncing.
We didn’t get to see him when he played here back in January so this was the first time seeing him since he played at Attic Nightclub back in 2015.
He’s been getting a lot of airplay on satellite radio lately.
Elixir Bar is the place for up-and-coming as well as established popular House DJ’s. In August DJ Kyle Watson (ZA) will be here as well as Tech House DJ duo Tom & Collins (MEX). Longer term, Dirtybird recording artist Justin Martin (USA) plays here in October. You can find the entire lineup and get your advance tickets here.
A good time was had by all.