Concert Report: DJ Kyle Watson (Elixir Bar)

We don’t get out often on a Sunday night but when Kyle Watson is in town, we go! So here we were back on the famous outdoor patio at Elixir Bar.
The openers looked so familiar but we couldn’t remember their names!
The dance patio was already developing a crowd even at this early hour.
And it would begin to fill-in relatively quickly.
Their set was so lively and pretty much all vocal House including an updated version of “Video Killed The Radio Star” and the bouncy “Naughty Water”.
Shift change around 11PM.
DJ Dark Cities (USA)
He played a lot of vocal House too.
When the crowd is already up to the barrier this early, you know the place is gonna get really packed!
And it did!
Went to the bar to get another drink and turned around and there he was, the headliner…..
DJ Kyle Watson (ZA)
First time seeing him play live!
Although he’s no stranger to Elixir. Blog records show that he played here in 2018 and was scheduled to play here in 2019 but his appearance was apparently cancelled by a pending hurricane.
Kyle Watson is originally from Johannesburg.
If it seems like we’ve been visiting Elixir Bar quite often lately, it’s because we have been. This is the place where you can see so many great international DJ’s up close and personal at great prices. You can find the upcoming lineups (including Dirtybird recording artist Justin Martin (USA)) and get advance tickets here.
Songs like current release “Escaping It” had the crowd bouncing.
Great show by the entire lineup and a good time was had by all.