Club Reports: The Office, Aero Bar, Fixtion

Landed back in Orlando from Europe and hit the ground running. We began our Friday night at The Office. This is the place to go when you expect your wife to call you and ask where you are. You can truthfully reply that you’re “at the office”.
DJ Savage X (USA) was in the booth playing Hip Hop.
Even though it was early, the bar was already getting occupied.
The Stigma tattoo parlor still operates in the front space.
The main part of the room was deserted but we were told this would get crowded later in the evening.
But we do miss their stripper pole that used to stand here! My bartender told me they had to remove it at the request of their insurance company.
Next stop, Blog-favorite Aero Bar.
Friday night resident DJ Cliff T (USA) was in the booth playing House music.
While it was still relatively early here too, the dance floor was seeing activity.
The lasers were flying! Since this is a rooftop bar, you’re literally “dancing with the stars” and we got to witness a few seconds of the Heavy Falcon rocket launch off the Cape before it disappeared into the overcast.
Cliff T was playing all the current tunes one hears on Sirius/XM satellite radio’s “Diplo’s Revolution” channel. A House remix of Laura Branigan (USA) hit “Self Control” instantly transported me back to the dance floor at Victor’s in Fort Walton Beach so many years ago. It’s amazing how music can do that!
Lots of shuffling going on!
The crowd would continue to build. Sources say the place was packed by midnight!
But by midnight we were in new club Fixtion.
Where we walked into a bar that looked like this!
And a dance floor that looked like this!
The opener was still playing upon arrival. Not sure if his name is DJ 82 Degrees?
And then closer to 12:30AM the two headliners came on!
DJ Dillon Nathaniel (USA) tagteaming with…..
DJ Sasha Robotti (USA)
You know it’s a legit show when Amelia and Storm are right up front!
Spotted near the booth: Amy makes bubbles.
Spotted on the dance floor: Scene chicks Amy, Babita, Iman & Dina.
Spotted taking a picture of me taking a picture of him: Photographer David Monteverde
We’ve seen Sasha Robotti play before but this was the first time seeing Dillon Nathaniel. Several standing around me said they’ve been following him. He was definitely impressive!
Flawless mixing of songs like new Fisher (AUS) banger “Take It Off, Slow, Steady, Undress” and Green Velvet (USA)/Chris Lake (GB) classic “Deceiver” kept the dance floor jammed. Wow!
A good time was had by all.