Club Report: Sky Garden (London)

Because we were in France last week strictly for the Tour de France cycling event, we never made it to any clubs. We remedied that tonight with a visit to Sky Garden in London. As you know, if we’re traveling we like to share entertainment choices in the various cities or ships we’re on.
It’s located up there on the 35th & 36th floors of a this building of the same name.
There is an indoor bar area with multiple seating options and as you can see, an outdoor observation deck facing mostly south including the River Thames.
Towards the east, an amazing view of the iconic Tower of London and Tower Bridge.
We found DJ Mark Harrison (GB) in the booth during our visit.
The music was a light House mix.
The bar was super busy. Reservations to visit Sky Garden are required and since there is no admission charge, those reservations are hard to get!
An amazing place to add to your next visit to London and a good time was had by all.