Concert Report: Rabbit In The Moon (The Vanguard)

You might remember it as The Club at Firestone or Firestone Live or you might remember it as Venue 578. But this thoroughly renovated venue is now The Vanguard and it’s home to some of the greatest DJ acts coming through Orlando.
DJ Rob-E (USA) was the opener for last night’s spectacular!
He played mostly a Breaks set. He’ll be playing as part of DJ duo Audiotrap (USA) this November at EDC- Orlando.
Arriving shortly after the club’s doors opened, the dance floor was already populating.
After getting a drink, we were able to still grab a spot at the barrier because long lines outside meant the floor was filling fast!
Around 11:45PM and in the haze, it was shift-change time.
DJ Scott Kirkland (USA) is The Crystal Method (USA).
As is typical with Scott, he was quite animated for his set.
Dance floor was packed!
His set ranged from Electro to Breaks to DnB, House and even a Deep House number.
Coming over to say hello!
Take DJ David Christophere (USA)…..
…..and mix him with Bunny and you get duo Rabbit In The Moon (USA).
The show began with what we call “Bubble Boy” with Bunny inside this transparent plastic bubble and being rolled-out into the audience!
A better view of the spectacle as seen in this file photo from their August, 2017 show at House of Blues.
Back outside the bubble.
Many of those glow wands would end-up out in the crowd.
After the DJ played a few songs for costume change, Bunny was back out for what we call “Mr. Freeze”.
It was hard to get a decent picture because he kept shooting a frozen mist out over the stage and into the crowd.
They say you can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
They were right!
The next segment was “The Eye”.
We’ve seen it before but it never gets old!
He was screaming for this part of the show!
Whether you were seeing it for the first time or the tenth time, this show is always amazing!
The Vanguard was packed to the rafters!
What a spectacle!
We ran into so many peeps we know from Orlando’s dance scene!
Spotted in the pit: Hollywood film maker Louis Iacoviello who is producing a full length film about Orlando’s famed dance music history to be titled “The City BEATiful”. Clubs such as The Edge, AAHZ and Firestone will all figure into the movie and he tells OEN that he’s been making great progress interviewing many of the DJ’s that were a part of Orlando’s original dance scene back in the day. Can’t wait to see this!
We call the next vignette “Raincoat”.
The music very Industrial for this segment.
Never mind Bunny! The Go Go girls were back!
They were creeping up on us!
My favorite!
Their coach nearby was cheering them on.
We call the 6th segment “Lite Brite”.
There’s just no way to properly describe the euphoria in the room.
Bunny and David Christophere would both leave the stage at this point but of course an encore was warranted.
Under the shiny disco ball, they returned to the stage with Bunny in his mirror outfit.
He was in all his glory!
Arguably the most-famous of the RITM acts, “The Grinder”.
He applies the grinder to a metal mask he is wearing to create a shower of sparks. Who the hell does this!
During a typical show a hapless female is dragged out of the audience to wear the mask.
A well-deserved championship pose.
Bunny and David Christophere are “Rabbit In The Moon”.
Final cheers!
After the show ended, we wandered inside and outside the club and ran into more peeps!
Great to see everybody and what a night!! A good time was had by all.