Club Reports: West End Trading Co, West End Honky-Tonk Saloon, Manikins (Sanford)

Because of where we live in the Orlando metropolitan area, we don’t often make it up to Sanford but that’s just what we did last night! There’s quite the bar scene in downtown Sanford and last night we stuck with a few venues located along Sanford Avenue. We began with West End Trading Co.
In the booth, DJ Dom (USA) playing Indie Rock.
The bar in the main room up front was jammed. My call brand drink was just $6.50 including tax and none of those downtown Orlando fake charges or auto-gratuities added-on.
In the middle room, a beer pong table and another bar. Behind that garage door…..
A back room titled West End Live with the cover band Boink-182 (USA) playing. This room came with a $15 cover charge because live bands don’t come cheap.
No one dancing but definitely a crowd.
Next door is the West End Honky-Tonk Saloon.
Here we found DJ Alex Byrd (USA) in the booth playing American Country music. We first met Alex when he was the resident DJ at the ill-fated Wicked Whiskey‘s bar in downtown Orlando when it took over (briefly) the Independent Bar spot.
Honky-Tonk is one large room with the DJ in the front.
And a genuine wood dance floor.
There was some boot-scootin’ boogie going on! (Well actually, no boots, but still…..)
OK, onto the main reason for coming to downtown Sanford: “Freak Show Fridays” at Manikins.
In the booth, Friday/Saturday night resident DJ Paul Vaine (USA).
Of course at Manikins, it’s all about the mannequins!
Some are more realistic than others but they’re all over the place!
Heck, I was chatting-up this Goth girl for more than 5 minutes before I realized she wasn’t real!
In the heavy fog, the dance floor stayed jammed!
The Friday night music format is Dark Wave, Goth, Industrial, Punk and all the dark genres!
Spotted taking snaps: Resident photographer Patrick Scott Barnes.
Spotted by the booth: David
Spotted on the dance floor: Andrea with friend.
Spotted looking groovy: Nina
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
DJ Paul Vaine was the resident DJ at one of Orlando’s most famous nightclubs: Visage. He brings that vibe to Manikins every weekend.
Goths come out at night.
If you’ve never been, you need to come check it out for yourself.
Is she real……or is she a mannequin? Everywhere we went last night but especially here at Manikins, a good time was had by all.