Sunset Music Festival (Tampa)-Day 2

Back outside Raymond James Stadium in Tampa for Day 2 of Sunset Music Festival. Just follow the signs.
They have an efficient entry system with ID Check, Bag Check and ticket scan all taking place in quick succession and then before you realize it, you’re inside!
With 3 stages of music (plus 1 hidden stage too), Sunset is far-smaller than Electric Daisy Carnival – Orlando but it packs a lot of great music in the smaller footprint.
The thumping of House music immediately drew us towards the Horizon Stage.
Orlando-based DJ duo Yokai (USA) was in the booth.
Being from our home town, we’re very familiar with them, of course.
The early crowd.
The Eclipse Stage is dedicated to Dubstep and Heavy Bass.
DJ PLSMA (USA) was the opener over here.
First time seeing him play.
Most of the early-arrivals camped out under the shade tent.
We’re not sure if this is just an Entrance sign or if the stage inside is the “Entrance Stage“, but it’s the otherwise unmarked and hidden 4th stage at SMF. And as rumors of its existence spread, you could find a line to get in.
Great House music and air conditioning made it a popular destination.
Local DJ’s providing the sound.
Did we mention it was air conditioned?
Later on, another DJ had taken control.
And it got super-crowded!
OK, time to visit the main stage!
The opener DJ Bernzikial (USA) was still playing.
It’s great when the main stage features mostly House music!
We had seen Bernzikial play on the Corona Beach Stage at EDC-Orlando back in 2021.
We got to see these machines in action, spraying a cool mist onto the crowd and with the wind, often carrying quite a distance away.
Back to the Eclipse Stage.
For DJ Canabliss (CDN).
She’s so tiny, it was hard to see the Toronto-based DJ.
Shade! But let’s talk about the weather. Typically by the end of May in Florida it’s not only hot, but sticky humid and you can’t walk 20 feet and not be drenched. Afternoon thunderstorms are the norm too. But this weekend has been amazing. While it’s been hot during the day, humidity has been low, there’s been a cool breeze off Tampa Bay and at night, almost chilly. Great festival weather!
At the main stage…..
DJ Effen (USA)
Not unexpected, a mostly Bass set.
We ran into absolutely no one that we knew from Orlando on Day 1 but on Day 2, Amy & Babita were spotted on the tarmac.
And Alesia from Tampa was here too!
We got to meet so many new peeps. Thank you everyone for the poses!
We kept running into these three beauties!
Quick, need some House music!
A boy named Sue? Yes, DJ Susan (USA).
Having a great time with his Dance and Vocal House set.
The crowd was loving it too.
At every festival there’s always one DJ that delivers a big surprise set.
This year, IMO, that was DJ Wuki (USA).
He played a Breaks set when we saw him in 2015 at Native Social Bar in Orlando.
And a EDM set when we saw him at The Hangar in Miami in 2016. What would it be this time?
This time it was lots of short snippets of EDM hits, Classic hits, Disco hits, etc!
5,000 people doing the “YMCA”!
More peeps! Thanks again for the poses.
There were flags and totems too!
Checking out the Dubstep stage.
Two Canadians in a row: Vancouver-based DJ Khiva (CDN)
She came out and sang some of her own vocals too! Heavy Bass songs with vocals, who knew!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
At Horizon Stage, the crowd continued to build.
DJ San Pacho (HR) was delivering the good stuff.
DJ Hannah Wants (USA) was on next.
We actually stayed for her entire set as we took our union-mandated dinner break.
She was pretty animated but her opening and closing half hours were the best parts.
Hanna Wants had played at Celine Nightclub in Orlando in 2019 as shown above.
As evening arrived, the stages began to really get crowded.
Shift change at 8:15PM.
Taking over, DJ Westend (GB).
House music all night long.
We last saw Westend at EDC-Orlando in 2021, playing a tag team set with DJ duo Black V Neck (USA).
Spray down!
We located a vacant spot in front of the main stage tech booth to close out the evening.
DJ Slushi (USA) was just closing out his mostly EDM set. He was actually pretty good.
Montreal-based DJ duo Adventure Club (CDN) came on next so we got to experience their entire set.
They were about 50/50 between Heavy Bass songs and EDM songs.
They played what is arguably their biggest hit “Crash 2.0“, a collaboration with Windermere’s DJ DallasK (USA). The second stanza of the song was then mashed with current John Summit (USA) hit “Where You Are“.
Main stage now packed to the rafters for Sunset‘s biggest headliner!
DJ Chris Lake (GB)
But he was just too far away to get a good shot of him.
Sadly, someone kept putting her sign in my vantage point!
Before he went blonde, we had a lot better view of him when he played at Elixir Bar in Orlando a few years ago.
Last night he would play a lot of songs from his catalogue of hits.
Sensing that a lot of people would depart the festival when Chris Lake finished his set, we departed at this point. It was a great day and a great festival. Bass heads should be aware that the Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival will be in Orlando in less than 2 weeks, June 9-10. The 2-day festival features Rusko (GB), Borgore (IL), Excision (CDN), Midnight Tyrannosaurus (USA) and many more! Advance tickets here. Back at SMF, a good time was had by all.