Club Reports: Elixir Bar, Bandidos @ Celine

Enough of that Europe stuff and back to beautiful downtown Orlando! Beginning our Friday evening at Elixir Bar.
Upon arrival, DJ Averina (USA) had just finished her set and DJ Pacho Berrocal (USA) had just taken over.
At this early 10PM hour, the dance floor was a bit spartan.
But around 11:30PM, the floor filled quickly for the headliner!
DJ Ida Engberg (S)
Playing mostly a non-vocal House set.
First time seeing Ida Engberg live.
Dance floor was jammed!
She had everyone bouncing!
Ida Engberg is/was married to DJ Adam Beyer (S). We saw him play Orlando one year ago this weekend.
Spotted at the bar!
Elixir is the place to be every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night for great dance music! Next weekend DJ Kyle Walker (USA) and DJ Jesse Calosso (USA) will be playing here. Blog-favorite and Bass House specialist DJ Marten Hørger (D) is also on the June calendar so check out the complete schedule here.
Next stop, Celine Nightclub.
The Bandidos were in town!
Deep Therapy joined forces with…..
Vicki and Luis are Deep Therapy and Vision1.
Arrived to find DJ Gonçalo (P/E) on the decks.
Originally from Portugal, he tells OEN he has been based in Ibiza for more than a decade.
I told him my recent JFK-DOH flight passed right over Ibiza, lol.
The dance floor was a bit spartan at this early hour here too.
But that would change.
He played a lot of vocal House in his set.
As more-and-more slowly arrived and the line outside extended half a block.
Shift change!
Taking controls, DJ Technasia (F/HK/NL).
He would keep the vibe going with House and at times, Latin House.
His selections were booming as the floor went from busy…..
… jammed!
You could tell he was excited to be back in Orlando as he stayed quite animated all evening.
Originally from France, he was based in Hong Kong for a decade as part of a DJ duo using the Technasia name before he relocated to the Netherlands.
Before his set, Technasia flanked by Vicki and Luis.
More pics…..
Team picture.
We had missed the opening set from DJ Quarantino (USA) (center), joined here by Luis and a colleague.
You know it’s a good show if Dina and her entourage is there!
And then, just before 1AM, the headliner! DJ Rafa Barrios (E).
House music all night long.
Packed to the rafters.
Dance floor stayed active.
We had last seen Rafa Barrios right here at Celine last August as seen in this prior Blog article.
Wow, what a night! At both venues last night, a good time was had by all.