Club Reports: Bellhop, Elixir Bar, Celine, Iron Cow

Some evenings there’s nothing going on in town and then some evenings, like last night, there’s an overload! We began the night at new upscale club Bellhop.
In the past we’ve complained about the lack of theming in Orlando clubs but that’s not the case at Bellhop where stepping inside brings you into the lobby of a mid-20th century hotel complete with front desk, hanging room keys and a large bell to summon the bellhop.
In the booth we found DJ Chino (USA) playing House music.
It was early so not a lot of people here just yet.
And heavy rain downtown around 9PM might have changed plans for some.
Next stop, Elixir Bar where you can always find electronic dance music.
The inside DJ booth was in operation last night and it was here we found DJ Knightlife (USA).
The music inside, mostly Classic Dance hits.
The inside bar was busy too!
And a handful on the dance floor.
The outside DJ booth was operational too and we arrived out there to this.
DJ Anson Bingham (USA)
While Classic Dance was being played inside, the music out here was mostly House.
Back inside to some air conditioning and DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA).
Continuing with mostly old-skool Dance hits.
Jimmy Joslin had the dance floor jamming!
Interestingly, the outside DJ had just played a classic Trance hit and when I came inside, Jimmy Joslin was playing another classic Trance hit.
Spotted inside: Elixir bartendress extraordinaire Olivia.
Spotted on the dance floor: Jody Marie with friend.
Spotted by the booth: DJ Evolv3 (USA)
Spotted outside: Seth Vogt, Nicole, Carla & Chris Hand
DJ Kevin Keith (USA) had taken over outside.
Continuing outside’s House vibes.
Followed shortly thereafter by DJ Seth Vogt (USA).
Joined by the Seth Vogt Fan Club.
Going more progressive on us and playing some tracks off his new album “Whatever After“.
While the inside dance floor stayed pretty jammed, the outside dance floor just never got very crowded but the music was great!
It was getting late so time to head over to Celine.
We walked into this as the second opener DJ Luis Noro (USA) was still on stage.
It was difficult to move about the place!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
An then, there he was! The reason so many were here.
DJ Rafa Barrios (E)
We’ve seen him play a few times over at Elixir but first appearance here for the Spaniard at the much-larger Celine.
We’re told it was close to a sell-out last night.
It sure looked like it!
The music the expected House, some EDM and a surprising amount of Latin House. He obviously knew his audience.
What a great vibe!
Still time for one more stop…..Iron Cow.
Arrived in time to catch the last few minutes from DJ Lola B’s (USA) House set.
Followed immediately by DJ Romano Arcaini (D/USA).
Keeping us in the House!
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Freda Sol (USA) with Tina.
Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.