Club Reports: Ace Cafe, Underground Public House, Elixir Bar, Iron Cow

This is Ace Cafe in downtown Orlando. We visited last night following Thursday’s shocking announcement that they would be permanently closing.
We’ll certainly never forget this view of the dance floor from the mezzanine level. Ace Cafe management tells Orlando Entertainment News that they will be issuing an official Announcement soon with all the details about the closure. We originally reported the closing would be in “several more months” but one source described it to us as “sooner than what you’re hearing” and we even read on a different website that it would be in November. So we’ll await that Announcement.
Who will ever forget this indoor stage area where so many great DJ’s have played during both the Ace Cafe era and the prior era as The Edge?
The outdoor patio was always a popular area.
Who will ever forget Paul Oakenfold (GB) playing up there to an absolutely packed crowd!
Sometimes the stage was placed at the far end of the Ace Cafe lawn with the crowd facing in the other direction.
Who will ever forget Rabbit In The Moon (USA) playing up there to another absolutely packed crowd!
Home to many car and motorcycle shows too, Ace Cafe has filled a unique niche in Orlando nightlife entertainment. Hopefully their official Announcement will also address the alleged demolition of the building. We’ll keep you updated!
Moving into the central business district of downtown, streets were blocked for your safety during the annual Cinco de Mayo parties!
Running from Pine Street to Washington Street, partygoers had to enter at designated locations only.
First visit to Underground Public House since 2013.
Like everywhere downtown last night, there was a queue to get in.
Finally getting to meet Landon DJ Vail Wainwright (USA).
The music was Hip Hop during our visit.
The DJ says he typically plays House on Fridays here at Underground but last night he had a Hip Hop crowd so he was playing Hip Hop.
Good to finally meet him! He also plays Open Format on Saturday nights at The Basement.
Next stop, Elixir Bar.
We arrived to find their famous outdoor patio dance floor pretty crowded but with capacity remaining.
DJ Harvy Valencia (CO) was in the perch when we arrived.
The music mostly vocal House.
As midnight approached, the floor got packed!
As an outdoor venue, you’re literally “dancing with the stars”.
And then, there he was! The headliner…..
DJ Paco Osuna (E)
We left at this point. As the baseball great Yogi Berra once said, “No one comes here anymore. It’s too crowded.” LOL.
Getting away next from the downtown mayhem and over to the peaceful Milk District and Iron Cow.
Upon arrival the dance floor was surprisingly spartan.
DJ Dax Lee (USA) had just turned over the controls to the headliner.
DJ Minx (USA)
And as soon as the crowd realized she was on, the dance floor got jammed.
Based in Detroit and known for her Detroit Techno, she went House on us last night!
She had the club bouncing.
Her House version of “(All I Need Is Your) Love Tonight” sent a roar through the crowd.
We had seen DJ Minx at Shipwrecked Music Festival in Tampa back in January where she opened for DJ Green Velvet (USA).
You know it’s a great night when you see Amelia with DJ Dack (USA) on the dance floor.
Iron Cow Resident DJ’s Lola B (USA) and Mathew Scot (USA) were spotted near the bar.
Party in VIP!
File photo from January at Shipwrecked.
Everybody was having fun last night.
It’s always a great night when DJ Minx is in town! You won’t want to miss DJ Miguel Migs (USA) when he plays here on June 2nd with advance tickets here.
Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.