Breaking News: Ace Cafe To Be Razed!

Sources tell Orlando Entertainment News that the Ace Cafe property has allegedly been or is in the process of being sold and the new owner will demolish it to make room for another downtown apartment high rise building.
Ace Cafe opened in May, 2017 following extensive renovations of the then-derelict building that at one time was home to iconic The Edge nightclub. Later years saw it turned into Country music bar :08 (Eight Seconds) and more recently, the H2O Church. It then sat idle for years before London-based Ace Cafe took it over.
I did not live in Orlando when this was The Edge, home to resident DJ Icey (USA). But as Ace Cafe, we saw numerous electronic music events in this hallowed room and people would tell me about their previous experiences in here back in the day.
As Ace Cafe, we saw DJ’s such as Paul Oakenfold (GB), Claude vonStroke (USA), Huda Hudia (USA), George Acosta (USA), 2 Bad Mice (GB), Baby Anne (USA), Magic Mike (USA), Talla 2XLC (D) and too many more to mention either inside the club or out here on their patio and lawn.
Also home to many car shows and motorcycle shows, we can’t fault ownership for selling if that is what apparently is happening. There is currently a downtown boom in apartment construction and the Ace property, located along Interstate 4 and directly across the street from a SunRail station, has more value going vertical compared to remaining a restaurant and nightclub. Sources tell us Ace Cafe will remain open for at least several more months so look for more parties soon before the wrecking ball arrives. OEN will keep you updated.