Club Reports: Sunset Sessions @ Elixir Bar, Sundown Sundays @ The Patio

We don’t get out often on Sunday nights but sometimes you just got to do it! First stop Elixir Bar for “Sunset Sessions”.
We walked out onto their famous outdoor patio into THIS!
Only 10PM and the headliner was already on!
DJ Themba (ZA)
Dance floor was packed!
His weaving of mostly House and a bit of Techno had the crowd bouncing.
Spotted by the bar: DJ Mr. Mogembo (USA) with Christa.
Spotted on the dance floor: Michelle with her crewe.
Spotted at the barrier: Blog-favorite Dina with friend.
Johannesburg-based Themba previously played under the DJ name Euphonik but switched around 2017. First time seeing him play live!
A good time was had by all.
Across the street at The Patio, “Sundown Sundays” was celebrating their 4th anniversary of Sunday Techno and House nights.
We arrived before midnight and walked into THIS!
We’ve seen her name on event flyers but first time experiencing DJ Maha (USA).
Only caught the last half hour of her mostly House set but it was great. Near the end there was a Techno segment that was absolutely booming.
And she had the club bouncing!
Despite the 4 years, last night was sadly the final night of “Sundown Sundays”. While there have been many packed Sunday nights here, we’re told it sadly wasn’t profitable enough for The Beacham-owned venue to remain open this night of the week.
Spotted at the barrier: DJ Dack (USA) with Blog-favorites Storm and Amelia.
Spotted side stage: Roller-coaster salesman Corey with friend.
Spotted moving at high speed: Kevin
Spotted on the dance floor: Stephanie, Leticia and Christa.
Spotted outside: DJ Carlos Mendoza (USA) with colleagues.
Around 12:20AM, there they were!
The headliners, DJ duo Sleepy & Boo (USA).
Dance floor got jammed.
They were quite animated all night!
The NYC-based duo opened with non-Vocal House but then switched to the good stuff.
They played a long version of current MK (USA)/Dom Dolla (AUS) Deep House track “Rhyme Dust” and it brought the dance floor to a frenzy!
You know it’s a good club night when Storm & Amelia are up front!
The instigators of “Sundown Sundays”, DJ’s Carlos Mendoza, Dominick Morrison (USA) & Nick Ramos (USA). We’re hoping they locate a new Sunday night home for this event.
A good time was had by all.