Concert Report: Bloodstone (The MegaCon After Party)

MegaCon, the second most-attended speculative fiction convention in the United States (after San Diego), wraps up today at the Orange County Convention Center. And last night, they held the official MegaCon After Party at the Rosen Centre Hotel on International Drive. Orlando Entertainment News was there!
This year’s theme was “Bloodstone, the Mega Monster Mash!“.
It began at 9PM and the opening set was played by DJ Infinite (USA).
The opening music was Top 40 old and new.
The event took place in one of the hotel’s enormous ballrooms.
“The Wobble” drew an early crowd to the dance floor.
And various skits on the stage brought the crowd into a frenzy, lol.
By 11PM the place was already packed!
Light wands were distributed to those on the dance floor.
And they would get waved to the music throughout the evening!
Numerous bar setups along one wall drew lines and $9 cocktails was a very-decent price.
While standing at one of the tables, these two guys tapped by shoulder. I recognized DJ Evolv3 (USA) immediately but absolutely did not recognize DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA) until I heard his voice! Amazing makeup work!
Shortly thereafter, they would take over the DJ booth with a tag team set of mostly EDM.
Their fast-paced electronic music set had the room bouncing!
Of course MegaCon after parties are all about the costumes. Here are a few of the ones we spotted.
Spotted in the crowd: My annual Man’s Week friend Art along with the Bishop of East Anglia.
They say you can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
They were right.
What about Go Go boys?
The crowd was great; the music was great; the vibe was great. A good time was had by all.