Club Reports: Fredster’s, Iron Cow

Formerly called The Silly Grape, Fredster’s is a bar/club on Keller Road in Maitland. If you’re looking for nightlife in Maitland, this is it!
We arrived around 10PM and walked into this! The live band Groove Slayers (USA) was on the large stage and the dance floor was packed to current and classic Top 40 hits.
The first thing you notice is that the crowd at Fredster’s is a bit on the older side.
I mentioned that the music was kind of what you hear on a cruise ship and the response was that the crowd is kind of what you see on a cruise ship!
“How low can you go? Can you go down low? All the way to the floor? How low can you go?” Cha Cha Slide in action!
Fredster’s has a shiny disco ball so you know the place is legit.
Not sure of the economics of a 7-pc band but they did a good job. If you’re in the north suburbs and you don’t want to go all the way into Orlando, come check this place out!
Located east of downtown in Orlando’s Milk District, Iron Cow has had so many great events lately that I’ve accused them of draining my bank account!
We arrived around midnight and walked into this!
Resident DJ Mathew Scot (USA) was playing House when we arrived.
One person said it was Progressive House; another said it was Soulful House.
Whatever it was, he had the dance floor bouncing.
But there was still space for a few more.
Spotted at the bar: Christa, Wendy & Jeff
Spotted on the dance floor: Lanie & Heath on the far right with their entourage.
Spotted near the stage: Lanie & Christa
Spotted in the Tech Booth: Resident DJ Atnarko (USA) with MC Shaggy (USA)
Spotted in the foyer: DJ Mighty Shari (USA) & DJ Jeff Jefferson (GB)
Spotted near the stage: DJ Freeda Sol (USA) with Justus.
Spotted in VIP: DJ Mathew Scot, DJ Seth Vogt (USA) & DJ Noel Sanger (USA).
Iron Cow has a shiny disco ball so you know the place is legit.
And then, there he was! The evening’s headliner…..
DJ Dave Seaman (GB)
He was pretty animated and constantly interacting with the audience during his House set.
We hadn’t seen him play in Orlando since June, 2015 at The Social as seen above from the Blog archives. Earlier in the day yesterday he had posted on Facebook: “I first came to Orlando 30 years ago for my first ever gig in the US at the Beacham Theater. What Florida DJs like Kimball Collins and DJ Dave Cannalte built with promoter Stace Bass at AAHZ was the American equivalent to what we had going on at Renaissance in the early 90s, so it’s always special to return. In short, I’ve got a lot of love for Orlando.” Wow, I had no idea!
Dance floor got packed and a good time was had by all.