Club Reports: Atrium Bar, Pool Deck Party, Club 33 Disco (MSC Splendida)

This is MSC Splendida getting ready to sail-out on a 7-nt cruise from the Jeddah Islamic Port in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. We’ll be visiting another Saudi port on this Red Sea sailing plus two ports in Egypt and one port in Jordan. By now you know that if we’re traveling we like to share entertainment choices in the various cities or ships we’re on.
The atrium on most ships is usually home to musical entertainment and this one was no different.
We were hearing some soft Pop sounds from musical duo Moondance (I).
Because you can join this ship in Jordan, Egypt or Saudi Arabia, there really was no “sailaway party” as is typical on must cruises. But we did have a one hour DJ set on the pool deck.
DJ Joel (EAK) was providing the tunes but no “Cupid Shuffle” or “Cha Cha Slide” from this guy. No, we experienced a one hour House set that was absolutely brilliant! It began with some Arabic House and migrated into numerous other House tunes dominated by female vocals. Like wow, so unexpected!
Sadly, no one on the dance floor and just a few hanging around.
The side seating areas on both sides of the pool were full though. We’ve yet to run into any Americans on board and most of the passengers are Italian. Typical for MSC, announcements are in 6 languages.
I asked if my complimentary pina colada had any rum in it and the answer was “no”. While we are in Saudi waters, alcohol can’t be served although curiously it can be served at the casino bar. Needless to say, my follow-up Beefeater & Tonics came from the casino bar!
We knew the one hour set was finished when karaoke in Russian came next.
I could find no signs for the Club 33 Disco, the ship’s main dance club. But it is here up on Deck 16.
In typical European style, it opens around midnight and we found DJ Mizo (I/ET) in the perch.
Dance floor was empty when we first arrived but that didn’t last long.
The music was all EDM with zero Hip Hop, Reggaeton or Line Dances you hear on U.S.-based cruises.
We heard some Calvin Harris (GB), we heard some Martin Solveig (F), we heard some Avicii (S). It was one EDM banger after another!
Having been on more than 100 cruises, this was the best club night we’ve ever experienced!
DJ Joel would take over the booth closer to 2AM and continue the great music.
A good time was had by all.