MMW Day 2: The Get Down (Joint Of Miami)

Located on Miami Avenue in the Wynwood section of Miami, The Joint of Miami is a club built into a former warehouse.
When we came in, we were greeted by Door Hostess Laura all decked-out in a dress and heels!
When you enter the club, you arrive in this foyer area where there was one DJ booth and it would be called the Geishaz Showcase for it’s all female DJ line-up.
Here we heard an opening set from DJ Dee Dee Slay (USA).
She was one of many Orlando-based DJ’s performing last night.
After passing through the front room, the next spot was Main Room.
Here we spotted DJ Robotic (USA) playing in his home town.
Adjacent the Main Room was the Side Room.
Where DJ Swagkerr (USA) had already started-up.
And then at the rear, the outdoor Patio.
DJ Real Red (USA) had cranked-up his equipment out here.
First time seeing him play.
Back in the main room, another DJ had taken the stage.
DJ Zack Lee (USA)
Another one of the Orlando DJ’s, it had been about a year or so since we last saw him play.
In the Geishaz Showcase, you take Meags the DJ…..
And add DJ Amber Jane……
And you get DJ duo SnackPack (USA).
They had an early crowd down there.
While this chick was moving at high speeds!
SnackPack is based in Orlando and the Space Coast.
On the main stage, DJ Synergist (USA).
“The Get Down” is dedicated to Breaks so that’s pretty much what everyone was playing.
I’ve seen these two at so many Orlando and Miami Breaks events over the years.
But I had no idea he was a DJ! DJ Orienquest (USA).
He had a handful dancing!
Back outside, a larger crowd.
DJ Spark-D (USA)
Taking turns with DJ J-ROK (USA).
They were both having a good time out there!
At the rear of The Patio area, a food truck was cooking-up Wings!
I couldn’t resist for long!
Back indoors, Fort Lauderdale’s DJ Bobby Buzz (USA).
Over the years we’ve seen him play numerous times at Orlando’s Ace Cafe so it was good to see him closer to his home turf.
The Main Room was also home to the club’s only bar and it stayed busy.
Just one couple though on the dance floor at this early hour.
At the Side Room, DJ Pat Osiris (USA).
First time seeing him play too.
While in the Front room, DJ Epiphanie (USA).
Hadn’t seen her play in 5 years!
During a prior Miami Music Week in 2018, she had closed for DJ Icey (USA) at club Kill Your Idol in South Beach.
Mischief in the booth!
DJ Camee (USA)
No, you can’t adjust my camera!
Wow, we saw Epiphanie dancing earlier, we saw her DJ’ing and now we saw her singing!
Dance singer Jaime Blue (USA) also joined-in.
The Geishaz Showcase was the place to be!
The room was always active!
Back outside for DJ B Boy Roy (USA).
We’ve seen him several times over the years.
He had the club bouncing.
And on this late-March Miami evening, this was the place to be!
In the Side Room, DJ Bad Ninja (USA).
First time seeing him too!
With so much going on in the rest of the club, this room was always on the slow side.
Whoa, what have we here?
On the Main Stage, DJ Shyda (RA/MEX/USA).
Known for her Techno, she joined in the Breaks last night.
And her set had this room bouncing!
Up front, DJ ZZ (USA).
First time hearing her play.
The front room was also home to The Air Dancers (USA).
Made up of Rose Parker…..
And Dawn Gluskin.
Amazing aerialists!
Back on the patio for DJ N-Hance (USA).
I thought I had seen him play previously but I checked the Blog archives and could not find him.
Outdoors remained popular all evening.
Everyone was playing 1-hour sets last night at The Get Down so it really kept the evening flowing.
We met so many peeps last night; some we knew previously but many new acquaintances too!
Shortly after 10PM and on the mainstage, the evening’s headliner…..
DJ Keith Mackenzie (USA)
Dance floor got full for his set!
KMAC had played at EDC-Orlando in 2021.
Narration last night was provided by MC Flipside (CDN).
Interpretative dance moves last night were provided by Kriss Reign (USA).
They say you can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
They were right!
Dance floor was jammed!
It’s stuff like this that makes The Get Down so popular every Miami Music Week!
It was hard to move about the place.
Group picture!
Moments later, posing with the next DJ.
DJ Codes (USA)
Known for his funky House sets, he was having a fun time doing a Breaks set.
He brought his own dancer.
Another first for me!
Dirtybird Records recording artist E.R.N.E.S.T.O. (USA) posing with Codes.
Dance floor began to empty out. Where did everyone suddenly go?
Well, out on the patio, DJ Supernaut (USA) had taken over.
Word must have gotten out.
Because the outside dance floor was suddenly packed as Supernaut drained the other dance floors!
Inside at the Side Room, DJ Lifeless Tissue (USA).
We had seen him play in Orlando recently.
Always great music in here!
DJ Mike Diesel (USA) would take control next.
Good seeing him again.
Just few around to hear it.
We’ve seen this guy play at Ace Cafe!
DJ Voodoo (USA)
His set had the crowd moving!
He was followed by DJ Hi-Cue (USA).
The action was nonstop!
We were overdue for a visit back in the Geishaz Showcase and it was here we found Blog-favorite DJ Medley (USA) on the decks.
She always puts on a great set!
SkyCam view of the room shows it stayed busy.
From the Blog archives, Medley with DJ Laura D (USA) & DJ Lady T (USA) in Miami back in 2018.
DJ Medley with DJ Meaux (USA).
Meaux would take over next.
Another first for me seeing her play.
And then there she was, DJ Laura D.
So good to see her again!
And she was followed by DJ Flurwerker (USA).
She’s well known for her Electro, Breaks and DnB sets.
Meanwhile in the Main Room, it got crowded again!
First you take DJ Hydralix (USA)…..
Add DJ Merlyn (USA)…..
And even throw-in some DJ Jimi The Genius (USA), and the whole conglomeration is known as Kuad Sound System.
Dance floor stayed jammed!
With some breaker-chicks moving at high speed!
In the Side Room, DJ Brian White (USA).
Based in Louisiana!
But he always contributes a lot to the Florida Breaks scene!
Back in the Geishaz Showcase for DJ EKB (USA).
Bouncing with Laura D.
We’d seen her dancing earlier but didn’t know she was a DJ too!
Spotted: More peeps!
Back outside for DJ Rob “Si-Dog” Silas (USA).
The FUN was happening out here!
They say you can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
They were right!
DJ Si-Dog spotted here with Mariah.
Several Breaks remixes to House hits included in his set.
Another visit inside to see DJ Confusion (USA).
He’s another DJ we had not previously seen.
He was followed by DJ Cru-Dawg (USA).
Another one of the great Orlando DJ’s playing last night.
On the main stage, DJ Soltek (USA) was up next.
He had played at Future Sound of Bass‘ “Arrival” show last month at Ace Cafe.
One last time outside for this tag team set.
Tagging with Orlando’s famed DJ Supagroover (USA).
Meanwhile there was a party going-on in VIP.
Sorry we missed a handful of closing DJ’s but I needed to get some sleep in order to wake up early enough to produce this 7-hr article. What a massive! On every dance floor last night, a good time was had by all.