Concert Report: Arrival (Ace Cafe)

Finally, after months of anticipation, Future Sound of Bass (FSOB) production “Arrival” had arrived!
At the venue where we’ve seen so many amazing FSOB shows, Ace Cafe.
With a 7PM start time, it’s not unusual to find an empty dance floor at the beginning.
Lifeless Tissue (USA) hosting the opening set in the main room.
Breaks the order of the evening.
And although the dance floor was empty at this early hour, the raised bar area was already seeing activity.
Outdoors on the patio, a covered second area of music.
With DJ 21Paths (USA).
Insides, some early Arrivals had arrived.
DJ Prophet 808 (USA)
His Electrobreaks set included a lot of vocals.
Upstairs in VIP the railing had attracted a small crowd…..
…..with a good view of Prophet 808 below.
Back outside, just a few on the dance floor.
Because everybody was at the bar!
DJ Audosal (USA)
This Miami-based DJ set was more on the funky side.
DJ Soltek (USA) took over inside at 9PM.
We previously saw Soltek at “Sunshine State of Bass” last March during Miami Music Week.
Outside, the dance floor was getting some use!
For DJ Eric Berretta (USA).
A veteran of Orlando’s nightlife scene!
Some of his selections had a House vibe to them, one sounded Industrial.
The cool evening breeze made the outdoor patio a popular destination.
World Famous Shawn Fenn: “The music is great and I’m going to start dancing real soon. But first, let me take a selfie.”
The inside dance floor was getting occupied too.
For DJ Lee Coombs (GB/USA).
Doing a Freakazoids set!
Lots of Old Skool.
He had the dance floor bouncing.
In the Ace Cafe lobby, Tonik’s Lab was operating the logo store.
While back outside, the patio was jammed!
DJ Versa-Style (USA) had taken over.
Playing a set that so reminded me of the old Suite B Lounge/Peek Downtown days!
It had been awhile since we saw him!
Breakers gonna break.
Lots of 808’s in the 407.
We saw lots of peeps last night. Some we knew…..
…..and some were new!
Adidas for life!
Continuing outside, a tag team set between DJ James Wolfe (USA).
An animated set!
Full club.
Alternating with DJ Bobby Buzz (USA).
Also from South Florida, he’s been a regular at many Ace Cafe events.
And he also got animated on us!
Joy in the room!
Navitas going full throttle on us!
The two DJ’s had the floor bouncing!
On the main stage, you take DJ Jimi The Genius (USA)…..
…..and add DJ Supernaut (USA)…..
…..and you get DJ duo $upergeniu$ (USA).
It was 11PM and they were driving the crowd into a frenzy. Both already great DJ’s, their collaboration together exceeds their sum total.
Of course I couldn’t hear all the music sets last night, wandering between stages, chatting with people and taking union-mandated coffee breaks, but this $upergeniu$ set was my favorite!
They say you can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
They were right!
Spotted on the dance floor: Hollywood film maker Louis Iacoviello. He is producing a full length film about Orlando’s famed dance music history to be titled “The City BEATiful”. The Edge, AAHZ, Firestone will all likely figure into the movie. He is working with some and hopes to be working with more of the original DJ’s that were part of the Orlando dance scene back in the day. Some filming has already begun.
Oh oh, FSOB‘s “head” Glyn S. Morgan on stage can only mean one thing: Important announcement!
Yes, introducing the headliners as “The Godfathers of Electro Bass”, electronic duo Dynamix II (USA)
With Todd Walker and Dave Noller.
Dance floor was packed for this electronic duo!
So many happy faces!
Floor was wall-to-wall.
Breakbeats & Electro begets breakdancing!
Outside for more bedlam from DJ Security (USA).
Lots more Suite B Lounge memories here!
Navitas was still going nonstop!
That look you get from Breakbeats!
DJ Voodoo (USA) closing-out the patio stage for the evening.
He’s another DJ we had met for the first time last March down in Miami. He’ll be playing at “The Get Down” during next month’s Miami Music Week, joining Keith Mackenzie (USA) and more! TICKETS
He had the dance floor jamming!
More peeps!
All too soon, Glyn back on stage to introduce the next act.
A special Brothers of Funk vs Analog Hustlers set.
Storm and Johnny Dangerously are the Brothers of Funk (USA).
With many vocals provided by Analog Hustlers (USA).
Dance floor was staying busy.
Damn, their hour went fast!
Introducing the final act of the night!
Electronic duo Code Rising (USA).
Based out of South Carolina and South Florida.
Checking our archives, this was the first time we got to see them play live!
They included their new remix of DJ Huda Hudia (USA)/DJ 30A (USA) track “Knights of Bass!”.
It was 2AM and no one was leaving just yet!
What a show! In both rooms of music last night at “Arrival”, a good time was had by all.