MMW Day 1: Nexus Radio Lounge (Miami Beach)

Nexus Radio is an internet radio station specializing in electronic dance music. Every year during Miami Music Week they host the Nexus Lounge where DJ’s from around the world visit for interviews by the Nexus staff. And for the fifth MMW in-a-row, Orlando Entertainment News was invited to observe and photograph the fun.
They use a nightclub or rented hotel conference room somewhere in Miami Beach. As you can see, they had it set-up this year to include 3 different interview “booths”.
We arrived close to 1PM to find the room already buzzing with DJ guests and their entourages.
The room had this ocean and pool deck view as their backdrop.
Already in progress, an interview with Trance DJ Mark Sixma (NL). We had seen him previously play at an Armin van Buuren (NL) concert in Amsterdam back in 2019. I mentioned the event and he specifically remembered it because it took place on a docked boat in Amsterdam harbour.
After the interview, posing with the President of Nexus Radio, Manny Esparza.
DJ Mr. Black (IL)
San Francisco-based DJ Wenzday (USA)
At times the room got jammed as more came in for their interview time slots. Hot hors d’oeuvres and an open bar kept everyone happy!
DJ ALWZ SNNY (USA) in his iconic sunshine mask.
The interviews progressed at a fast pace. DJ Lollo (I)
DJ Tenaj (CH/USA)
Of course Nexus Radio was playing in the background.
I was so impressed with the interviewers and their ability to carry-on 15-minute discussions with guests who were in many cases basically strangers.
DJ Trashock (I)
Mike Willemsen best known as DJ Mike Williams (NL).
DJ Maddix (NL)
Miami-based DJ duo C-Fast (USA)
Taking the dance music world by storm the last couple years, DJ Joel Corry (GB). He played at Celine last April.
DJ duo The Disco Fries (USA)
DJ Izzy Medina (USA) joined by Zoe.
DJ Kung Pao (USA) getting ready for his turn in the hot seat.
DJ Neurotic (USA)
DJ Tantok (USA) brought along the helmet that he performs in.
DJ Alessandro (BG)

DJ Dark Intensity (USA)
As the DJ’s arrived, pictures were taken at the Nexus backdrop wall and they signed an autograph poster.
And then on to their interview. Lucas de Wert and Steven Jansen are DJ duo Lucas & Steve (NL).
I didn’t want to overstay my welcome so I cut out around 4PM. But as I was getting ready to depart, I spotted this silhouette view of Manny over by the balcony with two lovely ladies.
On the left, another DJ that has taken the dance music world by storm the last few years because she writes her own music and sings her own vocals: DJ Anabel Englund (USA). On the right, DJ Romi Lux (CZ/USA).
Miami Music Week Day 1 is a wrap. Big thanks to Manny Esparza for the invite and the hospitality! At the Nexus Radio Lounge, a good time was had by all.