Concert Report: Road To Miami (Neon Beach)

For the second night in a row, we were back at Neon Beach and this time for the “Road To Miami” concert celebrating some of the DJ’s who will be performing down there this coming week for Miami Music Week.
We came inside and were greeted by Door Hostess Laura.
Only caught the last few minutes of a Breaks set from DJ Berto (USA) as the 8PM DJ pushed him out.
DJ 21Paths (USA)
He would continue with the theme of the evening of mostly Breaks.
The event had begun at 11AM and here around 8PM there was already a crowd in the club.
DJ J-Dub (USA) took over next.
Joined here by both predecessors Berto and 21Paths.
J-Dub had the club bouncing.
Everybody was moving!
At 9PM, Miami-based DJ Robotic (USA) took over.
Robotic is part of one of next weekend’s big events during MMW called “The Get Down!” It’s Friday night at The Joint of Miami and features DJ Keith Mackenzie (USA). Advance tickets here.
Robotic’s set was booming!
Spotted moving at high speed: Tanyia
In a city full of clubs that have hardly if any theming, Neon Beach brings the Florida-vibe indoors!
Coming on next, DJ Si-Dog (USA) spotted here with Mariah.
Owner of the Dog Eat Dogs record label, Si-Dog’s Sunday pool parties during MMW are epic! He’s got another one coming up one week from today in South Beach at the Dream Hotel featuring Stanton Warriors (GB) and Colombo (E). Advance tickets here.
Always a treat to see Connecticut-based Si-Dog playing in Orlando!
Dance floor stayed busy.
A lot of NLP regulars from Suite B Lounge posed for us here.
That look you get when great music drives you into a frenzy!
Last night we ran into so many peeps; some we knew but many new faces too!
Definitely kind of a Suite B Lounge reunion right here!
And nothing said Suite B Lounge like Shelly and Athena!
Near 11PM, an appearance from Air Dancers (USA).
Consisting of Rose Parker and…..
Dawn Gluskin.
Performing amazing aerialistic feats from this spot in one of the club’s corners!
And then later again from this spot up on the main stage.
Dawn and Rose were spotted here afterwards posing with Janet.
First time seeing DJ Jock-D (USA) performing.
His decks were set up on a table in front of the stage as he played a lot of Old Skool vinyl hits.
He had everyone bouncing too!
“Boots & Boobs!” The wonderful Kat Awwsome.
Kat joined here by Athena.
A distraction from the music!
They say you can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
They were right!
DJ’s, yes, we saw DJ’s! Lots of them were around the club supporting the event. Spotted here at the bar, DJ Amber Jane (USA) who had played at Neon Beach on Friday night and DJ Losman (USA) who had played here at 6PM.
DJ Losman with Sandi Kathleen.
Spotted near the entrance: DJ Spark-D (USA) and DJ Solstice (USA).
Spotted working the Tech Booth: DJ Swagkerr (USA) and DJ Tooltime (USA)
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ J-ROK (USA) joined by Roxana and pointed out by Solstice.
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Rosk (USA) with Leona.
Spotted by the bar: DJ Supagroover (USA) with Bridgette
Spotted blocking the main aisle: Travis & Bridgette flanking DJ Pedro Vázquez (USA), DJ J-Dub & DJ Supagroover.
When we first began club blogging back in 2008, these guys were part of the NLP group playing Breaks regularly around town at clubs like Vixen Bar, Peacock Room and Suite B. So great to see them together here last night! Pedro Vázquez, J-Dub and Supagroover.
Of course nothing said NLP back in the day like DJ Matrix (USA) and MC Marybeth (USA).
Spotted giving squeezes: DJ Pedro Vázquez & Aerialist Rose Parker.
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Dack (USA) and Amelia
Spotted in VIP: DJ Grey Wolf (USA)
Spotted by the bar: DJ Vitamin C (USA)
Spotted outside: DJ Navitas (USA) with Shelly
Spotted distracting the next DJ: Kat Awwsome and DJ E.R.N.E.S.T.O. (USA)
Spotted by the stage: DJ Dee Dee Slay (USA) and DJ E.R.N.E.S.T.O.
Spotted on the dance floor: Jeannie Marie, Air Dancer Rose, DJ Frequie-G (USA) and Air Dancer Dawn.
Dirtybird Records recording artist DJ E.R.N.E.S.T.O. would come on at midnight.
Still Breaks, his set had a distinct Dirtybird house vibe to it which made it unique.
Navitas and Amelia moved well beyond the speed limit.
Dance floor stayed full.
And then at 1AM, the evening’s biggest headliner being introduced: DJ Colombo (E)
We haven’t seen him live since he played at Firestone back in 2012 as seen here.
Colombo is based in Malaga.
Beyond 1AM and no one was leaving just yet.
Last night we got taken…..taken to Miami. A good time was had by all.