Club Reports: Wall Street Plaza, Neon Beach, The Nook, Iron Cow

Well this was interesting. One day after our editorial where we wondered whatever happened to downtown security zones, it was back. There were four entry points where everyone had to pass through.
And gun-sniffing dogs wandered the area!
There was a St. Patrick’s Day block party happening inside Wall Street Plaza.
With a crowd already inside and long queues outside waiting to get in.
We didn’t go in but we could see this Irish band in kilts playing their bagpipes.
Followed by a DJ (that we did not recognize) playing Top 40 hits.
Good to see that Wall Street Plaza is “back”.
Our downtown destination was Neon Beach.
And even though it was only around 10PM, we walked into this!
DJ CruDawg (USA) was in the booth.
The music mostly Breaks and DnB.
Neon Beach draws the crowd when great music is happening.
Breaks had the kids bouncing.
And this happened!
And this!
We ran into so many peeps we know from the Breaks scene.
Spotted celebrating their birthdays: Shawnii Moon Evans and Big Mo.
Spotted: Shawnii Moon Evans with Jason Evans.
Spotted on the dance floor: Eric Smith joined the next DJ who was about to go on….
DJ Amber Jane (USA)
She would continue with mostly Breaks.
Shawnii would come on and do a live vocal version of “Here Comes The Rain Again”.
Like WOW!
Everyone kind of stopped whatever else they were doing and came over to the stage to watch.
Amber Jane playing one of my all time Mannequins favorites, “Walk On Water”.
After a few songs, Shawnii back up to sing “The Best Things In Life Are Free”.
All too soon we needed to depart downtown and head over to Orlando’s Milk District.
When Sandwich Bar vacated this small space and became Iron Cow next door, this became The Nook.
The sound of House music from DJ Spock Ninja (USA) drew me in,
Nice-sized crowd on hand.
Lots of Sandwich Bar memories in here!
OK, I know we’ve been visiting Iron Cow quite a bit lately but when they keep bringing-in world class DJ talent, you gotta go!
Arrived just in time for the final few minutes of a House set from resident DJ Atnarko (USA).
And then it was time for the shift change to…..
DJ Three (USA)
Beginning kind of slow but building the tempo.
He had the dance floor bouncing.
Back-to-back set with DJ Öona Dahl (USA).
I’ve seen Öona Dahl on so many event flyers over the years but this was the first time seeing her live.
Dance floor stayed jammed.
Spotted by the booth: DJ Arina Krondeva (RUS/USA) flanked by DJ Atnarko and DJ Nick Whitney (USA).
Spotted by the bar: DJ Brian Busto (USA), DJ Lola B (USA), Pamela & DJ Josh Polish (USA).
Spotted in VIP: DJ trio Josh Polish, Atnarko & Brian Busto.
Spotted outside: DJ Mighty Shari (USA) with Katrina.
Back inside, the dance floor stayed jammed.
Öona Dahl was quite animated all night.
Both DJ’s included a lot of vocal House tracks during their turns.
It was great finally getting to see them both playing together.
Upcoming events at Iron Cow include duo The Prototypes (GB) this coming Monday night, Dave Seaman (GB) on March 31st, LTJ Bukem (GB) on April 14th and Miguel Migs (USA) on June 2nd.
Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.