Club Reports: Aero Bar, Neon Beach, Elixir Bar

Saturday night in the city and we began the evening at Aero Bar.
With Saturday night resident DJ Dominick Morrison (USA).
House music and EDM to begin the night!
At this early hour the dance floor was not jammed yet as it typically gets by midnight.
As a rooftop bar, you’re literally “dancing with the stars”.
The peeps want EDM!
Most of our Saturday evening was spent at Neon Beach.
We love the Florida theming in this place! And last night it was home to the first edition of “Fluorescent Saturdays” which we hope will be a monthly event.
DJ Swagkerr (USA) was the opener.
Breaks of course on this night of Breaks!
Even at this early hour, there was already a crowd inside and it would continue to grow!
Up next, DJ duo SnackPack (USA) was a tasty snack indeed!
Consisting of DJ Meagann Reefer (USA)…..
…..and DJ Amber Jane (USA).
They had the early crowd bouncing!
Sets were about 45-minutes each so before you knew it, DJ Spark-D (USA) was on.
Spark-D has to play under the D-Spark name when he plays in Brevard County. We’re not really sure why and we’d have to ask Tooltime about that!
Chilling in VIP.
The Spark-D Fan Club was in the club!
Seeing him for the first time since he became a new papa, DJ Berto (USA).
He kept the Breakbeats coming!
And damn, the room was really filling up!
Berto’s number one fan was here too!
The peeps want Breaks!
Up next, a tag team set from DJ Matrix (USA) and DJ Supagroover (USA).
And, MC Marybeth!
A huge reminder of our post-Pleasure Island days when these two were regulars at Orlando’s then-home of Breaks, Suite B Lounge.
Dance floor stayed active!
Supagroover taking over the controls about midway during their time slot.
Marybeth looking awesome in black-on-black-on-black.
DJ Navitas (USA) arrived and took over the dance floor!
But everyone was going crazy!
We ran into so many people we know from the Breaks scene!
More pics further down.
It was already midnight and Miami’s DJ Robotic (USA) took over control.
Celebrating his birthday last night, you know it’s a great night when Robotic is in the club.
Dance floor was packed!
It was about this time that Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus entered the club. They tried to get comped-in but the Door Hostesses would hear nothing of it. “$10 each please”, I overheard them say.
We stepped away for a few minutes to check out the action at nearby Elixir Bar.
DJ duo Latenight Society (USA) was ending their set and we only caught a few minutes of DJ Romano Arcaini (D/USA).
After a few hours of Breaks, it was nice to hear some House music.
Dance floor wasn’t packed…..just yet.
But moments later, the headliner took over and people poured-out of the inside portion of the club and out here onto their famous patio.
And there she was! DJ Tini Gessler (E).
And she cranked-up the sound!
Non-vocal House to begin with but then migrating to a number of songs with vocals.
She kind of whipped the crowd into a frenzy!
When we arrived back at Neon Beach, DJ Security (USA) was already in the booth.
When he was part of DJ duo Rob E & Security (USA), they too were regulars at Suite B.
Great set!
Getting ready to come on next, DJ Si-Dog (USA) was spotted with Mariah. We’ve never seen her wear the same thing twice!
More pictures of some of the peeps we spotted last night. If I took your picture and it didn’t get posted, please let me know because occasionally one or two might drop-off during the mass upload and I have no way of knowing unless you tell me.
Si-Dog played at the recent Electric Daisy Carnival – Orlando.
He too was celebrating his birthday last night!
Fun times!
This is why I get paid the big bucks to take pictures.
Close to 2AM and everyone still going strong!
A good time was had by all.