Club Report: Universal’s Great Movie Escape

This is what The Groove at Universal CityWalk used to look like during happier days. It shuttered during the covid-19 closures and then strangely never reopened as CityWalk‘s main dance club.
Instead, after renovations, it reopened this past Friday as Universal’s Great Movie Escape. It consists of two escape rooms. One is called Jurassic World: Escape and the other is called Back to the Future: OUTATIME.
We did not visit the escape rooms themselves but everything seems kind of temporary. Other than the construction and installation of the two escape rooms, entry kind of reminds you of The Groove. For instance, that elevator used to be outside the entry doors of The Groove but now it’s inside but still in exactly the same spot. That interior staircase is still in the same spot just like it was when this was The Groove. A photo the Orlando Sentinel published shows a view apparently from those stairs in which the old stage is still there with the former DJ booth at one end, even the spot where one of their Go Go girls would dance.
Even the photo frames outside are still there. These used to contain photos/posters of the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday night resident DJ’s. Everything seems kind of “temporary”. We just don’t understand the economics of escape rooms and their “dozens” of patrons that can use them each night versus the hundreds of patrons that could be in a dance club, dancing and drinking alcoholic beverages. Just a very odd move by Universal, IMO.