Club Reports: 1-Up Orlando, Elixir Bar

A soft opening is now in progress at 1-Up, the brand new creation from Bar None Creations.! Located on Church Street where club Dragon Room and later Schumann’s Jager Haus once operated, their opening is part of a renaissance for Church Street where many things are finally happening!
We thought it would be more of a game room with a bar but it turns out it’s more of a bar with games!
Classic arcade games are jammed…..
…..into all the nooks and crannies.
Bar None Creations previously opened Halloween-themed Cocktails & Screams on Pine Street and if you’ve been there, you know how heavily-themed and creative their bars are!
Looking for the loo? When you gotta GO you gotta pass GO!
This ball pit bathtub will surely become thee place to take those Instagram selfies. The music is 80’s & 90’s although we did not see a DJ anywhere.
Next door, the former Native Social Bar/Mako’s space is being converted by Bar None to 70’s-themed GoGo’s Disco but their opening has been pushed back until Spring. We’re told that upstairs, the former Club 23 space is going to become High T, an Alice in Wonderland-themed tea room/bar. Wow!
Next stop, Elixir Bar.
All the activity last night was outside on their famous patio.
Here we found a tag team set from DJ Flashdrive (USA) and DJ Nick Whitney (USA).
You may recall their residency at the every Friday night Discothèque series at Independent Bar.
Dance floor was getting populated.
And while their set last night was House, there were a lot of 70’s Discothèque vibes to many of the selections such as “Freaky Motherfucker“.
At midnight, headliner DJ Mystic Bill (USA) took over.
Dance floor was jammed!
Spotted by the bar: Gary with DJ Phoenix Jagger (USA).
Mystic Bill continued with the House vibe of the night,
And a good time was had by all.