Concert Report: DJ Stacey Pullen (Level13 Event Center)

Located in a strip shopping center along Edgewater Drive in north suburban Lockhart, this is the Level13 Event Center.
After clearing Security and Ticketing, was greeted with this view!
First visit to this venue which is rather cavernous. I believe a branch of the Orange County Library System used to occupy the space. Just a handful in the club at this early hour though.
There were several VIP booths scattered along the walls and in the middle and they were free for the taking last night since there was no bottle service.
There is a bar too along the entrance wall and it did a brisk business all evening.
I believe DJ Nezz (USA) was playing upon arrival but his logo is subject to several interpretations so we’re not really sure.
But his House set included a lot of songs with vocals so we were happy about that!
More arrivals to the dance floor.
Around 12:30AM, shift change.
DJ Jesse Calosso (USA) continuing with the House.
Floor was hardly empty but never got very crowded either.
Truth is, the event was poorly advertised IMO and “no one” hardly knew about it. (Unless of course you read our every Wednesday roundup of the upcoming weekend’s events, such as this week’s here.)
Spotted on the dance floor: Dina & Nazila
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
And then at 1:30AM, there he was!
DJ Stacey Pullen (USA)
Known as one of the originators of Detroit Techno, he continued with the evening’s House theme. His set would run to close to 3AM.
They say you can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
In the past few years Stacey Pullen has played at Elixir Bar and Iron Cow.
And this same crowd in either of those two venues would have made it looked packed, while here, not so much.
Nonetheless, for those here, a good time was had by all.