Club Report: Parking For HOB

Coming out to Disney Springs for the huge Labor Day Bash show at House of Blues? Here’s what you need to know about parking.
  1. All the parking lots have fruity names. Make sure you remember where you parked. We recommend you take a pic of the nearest sign listing what floor you’re on and row number.
  2. All parking lots are FREE except for Lemon Lot which is valet parking only and the Mango Lot which is Preferred parking and costs $10.
  3. Once you park, no matter where you enter Disney Springs from, there is Disney/OCSO Security and you have to pass through a metal detector. HOB will have another layer of security outside before entering the club. Be sure to also be aware of HOB rules on clear purses and maximum size purses.
  4. On the above map,, notice Buena Vista Drive looping around the bottom of the parking lots. For the most part, this is the road to access and leave all the parking lots.
  5. Lime Garage and Orange Garage are massive garages that can house hundreds of cars. At the entrance there are electronic signs that display how many spaces remain on each floor. If a floor is full, best skip it. Within each garage, there are lights above each parking space. A green light indicates an open space in that row while mostly red lights indicate spots that are taken. No need to circle around different rows if the lights above are all red.
  6. No entry into parking after 11PM.
  7. Across Buena Vista Drive from the Lime Garage is the new Grapefruit Garage (Not pictured on map). Primarily for cast members, it can serve as a last resort for you too if you can’t find anything closer or if you just want to get parking over with. Raised pedestrian walkways over the roads bring you into Disney Springs.
  8. All the other lots are surface lots, not indoor garages.
  9. House of Blues is in Disney Springs West Side so the Watermelon and Strawberry Lots are the closest. The entry road comes from Buena Vista Drive and there is a traffic light at that intersection. Just head towards Cirque du Soleil and it will lead you back there.
  10. If you’re coming via I-4 westbound from Orlando, we recommend you use EXIT 67 “EPCOT/Disney Springs“. As soon as you get on this ramp, there is another exit ramp for “Disney Springs” and this will take you directly into the Orange Garage with no deviations.
  11. You can also access via EXIT 68 “SR535” and then go north one light to Hotel Plaza Blvd and then turn left and follow that towards the Lime Garage area.
The show is scheduled to run from 7PM until 1AM, the latter being the Disney Springs curfew. This is a holiday weekend and Disney Springs will be PACKED. If you can get here by 6PM and have dinner somewhere in Disney Springs, you will be well-advised to do so. (Most places take reservations.) The Mouse recommends you arrive an hour earlier than you normally would. Arriving any later and you will run into traffic chaos, parking chaos and then people chaos.
Beat the lines at the HOB Box Office with advance tickets here. Hope to see you on the dance floor!