Club Reports: Elixir Bar, Barbarella 2.0, Grumpys Underground

Saturday night in the city and beginning our clubhopping at Elixir Bar.
Upon arrival, we found DJ Slugg (USA) in the booth.
Events at Elixir take place out on their famous patio and we arrived to just a handful on the dance floor.
But the outside bar was already busy!
House music all night long!
By 11:30PM the dance floor had become more populated.
For DJ trio Mason Collective (GB).
They continued with the House vibe.
We had first encountered Mason Collective on a chilly March evening last year here at Elixir.
And then a few weeks later in Miami at Treehouse.
Their set had the now-crowded dance floor bouncing.
Spotted on the dance floor: Babita, Dina & friends.
DJ Nala (USA) plays here next Saturday night!
Moving away from the downtown core next to Clearone Badminton aka Barbarella 2.0.
Just as it should be on a Saturday night, DJ Indie John (USA) was in the booth.
First visit back to Barbarella since their opening night three weeks ago. As we were informed, a hard surfaced dance floor has been added to where the seating area was located on opening night and the seating area has been moved to where the dance floor was previously located.
Which puts the floor closer to the video monitors and lighting.
Spotted at the bar: Jose & Jill
Barbarella 2.0 is only open on Saturday nights and the music is 80’s New Wave & Alternative. If you haven’t been yet you need to come check it out but see our directions first here.
Final stop of the night at Grumpys Underground.
We arrived to find DJ Slay (USA) playing Door Host and DJ Zack Lee (USA) playing Bouncer.
Caught the final few minutes of a Breaks set from DJ Yori (USA).
Yori was followed by an Old School and Electro set from DJ JoeG$ (USA).
Spotted on the patio: DJ Cliff T (USA) with Kelley.
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Funkbaby (USA) with Yori.
Spotted in VIP: DJ Marty Gayler (USA) with Michelle.
First time seeing JoeG$ play since back in the day at Suite B Lounge!
The dance floor got jammed and a good time was had by all.