Club Reports: Bellhop, Wicked Whiskeys, Iron Cow

It’s Friday night, then Saturday Sunday what! What as in “What is this line spotted along Orange Avenue last night?”
Opening night at Bellhop, that’s what!
And we walked into THIS!
House music from DJ Sirolla (USA).
In past years we’ve complained about the lack of theming in Orlando clubs. That’s not the case here where stepping inside brings you into a mid-20th century hotel lobby complete with front desk, hanging room keys…..
…..and a large bell to summon the bellhop!
My charge receipts came with a metal room key. Wasn’t sure if my cute little bartender was inviting me back to her hotel room or if it was just a paperweight to hold down the slips! Nice touch though.
It was too crowded to dance…..but some tried.
Spotted on the dance floor: Babita (right) with friend.
Spotted at Reception: DJ Evolv3 (USA). Evolv3 teams up with DJ Elliot (USA) and DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA) next Saturday, May 21st for the famous Megacon Afterparty at the Rosen Centre Hotel. It’s Florida’s largest cosplay party and advance tickets and information here.
That look you get from great House music! Come check out brand new Bellhop.
Another new venue downtown is Wicked Whiskeys. Of course this is in the spot recently vacated by Independent Bar/Barbarella and we’ve been wanting to check it out!
DJ Mynd (USA) is the Friday night resident DJ at this new Country music venue.
Yes, Country music in this venerable location and there was indeed some boot scooting boogie going on!
Just a handful in the club at this early hour. The wood floor is new.
The large bar in the main room is very familiar-looking, having done hundreds of transactions at that corner over the years!
Those round metal cylinders (that we tried to unscrew and steal on Barbarella‘s final night) remain in place too.
The front outside patio is back but now with tables.
The corner high top tables have been moved to the former VIP area at the base of the stairs to the DJ booth location.
While in that aforementioned corner, stools.
An opening in the wall takes you directly into The Patio. The Patio is directly connected to Aero Bar, Inside At The Patio and 64 North, 64 North is connected to The Social and The Social is connected to The Beacham.
Also new is the DJ booth which has been brought down to the main floor so it’s easier to make requests! We tried to request some Armin van Buuren (NL) but got rebuffed. The music is all Country with maybe a Top 40 song thrown-in every once in awhile.
That new wood floor is level with the rest of the venue so the step-down has been eliminated. This will help avoid any tripping during Country line dancing. We’ve heard there will be line dance lessons here on Saturday nights.
The upstairs bar is open too and there’s a dart game machine.
The game area is lined with photos of Country music artists but we don’t follow Country music so couldn’t tell you who they are. We think one might be Conway Twitty (USA).
Come check out Wicked Whiskeys for a heapin’ helpin’ of some hos-pi-tal-ity!
Iron Cow isn’t a new venue per se like the previous two but it has recently reopened following a battle with City Hall regarding parking. So it’s like it’s a new addition to the scene and we’re so glad it’s back!
We arrived just in time to see DJ Mathew Scot (USA) take over from DJ Atnarko (USA).
Small contingent on the dance floor bouncing to the music.
Spotted at the bar: Shelley and Travis
Spotted in VIP: DJ Nick Ramos (USA), DJ Steffen Volkmann of DJ duo Volkmann & Engels (D/USA) and Nazila. Volkmann & Engels will be playing this Sunday night at Sundown Sundays @ The Patio.
The music during our visit was very-light Ambient, Chill and Deep House.
Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.