Club Report: How To Find The New Barbarella

The new Barbarella location is not signed yet so if you’re out this Saturday night for their opening night, you might struggle to find it. To assure that doesn’t happen, we scoped out the place for you so that you won’t get lost in the dark! Located at 4141 N John Young Parkway (SR 423), the address won’t help you find the place and Google Maps will only get you to this spot. But that Clearone Sports Centre sign will tell you you’re close. Look for it along JYP.
The new location is actually located along Transworld Drive which is a private and barely marked road that connects JYP to Shader Road.
If you’re northbound on John Young Parkway, you can make a right turn directly onto Transworld Drive eastbound and head back. If you’re southbound on JYP, please note that grassy median which prevents left turns. Simply proceed southbound a bit farther to the traffic light at Shader Road and make a U-turn to come back north to Transworld Drive. If you’re coming via I-4, use the Lee Road exit because Lee Road is also SR 423 and becomes John Young Parkway when it crosses Orange Blossom Trail.
Off JYP, this is the view eastbound on Transworld Drive. To say you’re in an industrial area would be an understatement.
Preceding east, you’ll soon approach Clearone Badminton at the end of the warehouse. There’s a little bit of parking on the left and a LOT of parking to the right!
And that’s it: the new Barbarella.
Owner John Gardner has not yet decided whether to use the Barbarella name again or simply call it 4141 as the new name. Indie John provided OEN with a full tour of the club and it’s an exciting venture. The club area will be blocked-off from the rest of the venue which contains a dozen or so pickleball & badminton courts. We saw the DJ booth, dance floor & lighting and there is ample seating as well.
You can also enter the facility from Transworld Drive’s entrance directly off Shader Road although there is no street sign here and it looks like you’re just going into someone’s parking lot. But follow it back…..
And make the curve to Clearone/Barbarella. If you’re coming to the club northbound via OBT/441, there actually is no need to go all the way to the JYP/Lee Road intersection. Simply turn left onto Shader Road and locate unsigned Transworld Drive on your right. Please note that the Barbarella liquor license has not yet transferred over to this new location so it will be predominately beer/wine. However, Florida law does now allow beer/wine licensees to sell prepackaged drinks that contain hard liquor so expect those as well. People keep asking for warehouse parties. People keep reminiscing about the old underground scene. Well, THIS IS IT! Hope to see you Saturday night at the new venue! Big thanks to Indie John for the tour. We’re posting no interior pics today so that you can experience it for yourself…….in the dark!