Club Reports: Rayn, Skytop Lounge, Harry Buffalo Street Dance, Aero Bar, The Patio

Last night OEN did something we haven’t done in awhile; club hopping! We began at Rayn Pool Bar & Cafe in Altamonte Springs.
Friday night is Latin Night at Rayn and we found DJ Xavier Maxwell (USA) in the booth playing…..Latin!
Rayn is located in Opal Hotel & Suites, the place most people remember as the former Holiday Inn – Altamonte Springs. Rayn is also the venue most people remember as the former Why Not Lounge.
Check out Rayn on Thursdays for their Why Not Lounge Night ft. Retro dance music and on Saturdays for their House Party night.
Next stop was downtown for Skytop Lounge atop Amway Center. This is the place formerly known as 180 Grey Goose Lounge and then 180 Skytop Lounge. Now it’s just Skytop Lounge.
In this open air perch overlooking downtown, we found DJ 818 (USA) in the booth.
A Country music concert had just ended inside Amway so the DJ was playing that too, at least initially. Not sure which artist played at the concert since I don’t follow Country music; I think maybe Conway Twitty (USA) or something like that.
But he quickly shifted over to Classic Hip Hop for which we were grateful.
Just a small contingent dancing at this early hour.
Skytop Lounge competes with A.C. Skybar located over there on the 17th floor of the Truist Bank building where you see those outdoor columns. Skybar has the height advantage but Skytop has the view advantage.
From up here, even I-4 is romantic. Yes, that’s the former SunTrust tower in the middle sporting Ukraine colors!
Doc Martens for the win!
In conjunction with the Country music concert at Amway, Church Street was blocked off for a street dance outside Harry Buffalo.
Big stage set up at the western end of the street. A Country band had played earlier but now the DJ had taken over.
DJ Mynd (USA) on stage taking the crowd into the wee hours.
The music Top 40 hits!
Even close to 1AM there was quite the crowd still here.
The crowd stretched back halfway to the SunRail tracks.
Lots of cowboy boots out there. Soon it was time to be moving on!
It’s been awhile since we dropped in on Aero Bar.
Friday night resident DJ Cliff T (USA) was in the booth.
House music on Friday & Saturday nights at Aero.
Dance floor was packed!
The peeps want House music!
The lasers were flying!
Cliff T had everyone bouncing!
Time for one more stop! The Patio.
The Patio is directly below Aero so when you travel between the two, you can peek inside to see what is happening on the dance floor. It was packed too!
Resident DJ Parry (USA) was in the booth here.
The music mostly Top 40 hits old and new.
Parry had the dance floor jamming!
It was next to impassable, lol.
Spotted in the booth with the DJ: Sarah K
A good time was had by all.