Club Reports: Ann Teague’s Lamp Supply, The Robinson, Barbarella

Saturday night in the city and continuing our club hopping weekend with a stop at Ann Teague’s Lamp Supply.
Here we found DJ Michael Khan (USA) in the booth.
Of course at Ann Teague’s Lamp Supply, they have LAMPS!
Lots of them!
The music was light Hip Hop.
Over in the far corner those cutouts in the wall remind you that this was previously Suite B Lounge / Peek Downtown!
While that scoreboard above the main room reminds you that post-Peek this was briefly a sports bar! They do seem do be doing well with lamps though.
First visit to The Robinson post-covid closures and there was a long line outside waiting to get in!
They titled their main room the Disco Room.
Here we found DJ Puro Rhythm (USA) in the booth.
The place was absolutely mobbed!
The bar was just as busy!
The music was Hip Hop.
You know by now if it’s at all possible on a Saturday night, we’re going to try to drop by Barbarella.
The mysterious DJ KC Cut (USA) was in the second floor perch overlooking the dance floor.
Which was packed!
The Saturday night music is 80’s New Wave / Alternative which always brings out the crowd.
If you didn’t hear the news, this location’s final night has been extended to Saturday, April 2nd as they continue to get their new secret location ready to open!
Everywhere we visited last night, a good time was had by all.