It’s been 4 years since we last sailed on Royal Caribbean so it was with great interest that we checked out the channel offerings on board to see if they still offered XYtv, the Orlando-based music video channel reminiscent of MTV way back in the day when they actually played music videos!
Yes, it’s still there! It no longer seems to be branded as XYtv but it still is a 24/7 music video channel mostly featuring Top 40 and Pop acts. Also, it seems a lot of boy bands, lol.
Seems like in the past they played more EDM than they do now; I can recall Paul Oakenfold (GB) and Benny Benassi (I) videos last time, for instance.
One thing that has not changed is that the channel is produced by Promo Only, the nation’s largest provider of music and promotional content for nearly 30 years now. Promo Only is based in Orlando and offers DJs, radio stations and entertainment venues access to the hottest new releases. If you’re ever in a club or restaurant and see music videos being played, there’s a great chance you’ll see Promo Only below the song’s title, artist and record label names as shown above!
The only EDM song noticed was this Cahill remix of Charlie XCX (GB) hit “Boom Clap”.
Great television channel and a great way to kill some time while cruising on Royal Caribbean. Check it out the next time you’re sailing!