Barbarella Is Closing/Moving!

We mentioned this in our Friday night article published this past Saturday but this news deserves an article of its own. Blog-favorite downtown club Barbarella (formerly Independent Bar) is closing.
They plan to relocate and reopen at a new location which is not downtown but no information is available as of yet. We’ve heard speculation about Mills/50 District or elsewhere along Colonial Drive. Our favorite rumor is the recently vacated Stonewall Club location on West Church Street adjacent Exploria Stadium. It’s dark and dingy just like the current Barbarella location and the DJ booth is upstairs overlooking the dance floor, just like the current Barbarella location. But we don’t know that and it’s just one of a dozen rumors. With the closing/relocation happening sometime in late February, we should know pretty soon!
Sadly, this also means the end of the well-received and popular Friday night Discothèque night which mixed House music with Disco. They will be taking a break and hope to see them back soon. The last edition will be this coming Friday night featuring DJ Moscoman (IL).