Concert Report: DJ Seth Troxler (Elixir Bar)

Elixir Bar was the place last night for an outdoor DJ concert.
With temps already in the upper 40’s when we arrived, I thought they might bring the show indoors. But outside on their famous patio, here we were!
Arrived early enough to see their opener DJ Harvy Valencia (CO).
The early crowd on the dance floor with many others hanging back by the bar…..or inside!
His mostly House set was just as good as when he played across the street at Sundown Sundays @ The Patio last February!
In Orlando the headliner typically comes on around 12:30AM and sometimes at midnight. But last night it was just 11PM and there he was!
DJ Seth Troxler (USA)
By now everyone came outside and swarmed the dance floor!
Opening with a curious remix of Adventures of Stevie V (GB) early Dance hit “Dirty Cash (Money Talks)“.
Seth Troxler had played at Gilt Concert Venue last year and at Celine the year before that.
So many bros…..not enough sisters!
Spotted taking pics: DJ Horny Dave (USA)
Spotted up front: Nazila, Dina & Babita
Spotted by the bar: Ashley, AAHZ Kidd, DJ Freeda Sol (USA) and Justus.
House music all night long!
Set was a mix of non-vocal and vocal House music.
Seth Troxler was pretty animated and he was constantly interacting with the crowd.
Chilly night out there but a good time was had by all.