Club Reports: West End Trading Co, The Imperial @ Washburn Imports, Manikins Lounge (Sanford)

A chilly Friday night took us up to downtown Sanford which is not only home to Hollarbach’s wonderful German restaurant but also a large number of bars and clubs. We began the night at West End Trading Co.
There’s a stage at the front of the club where this quite-animated DJ whom we didn’t recognize was playing.
The place was packed!
The music was Hip Hop during our visit.
No discernible dance floor but people were dancing pretty much wherever they happened to be standing!
Another fascinating place in downtown Sanford is The Imperial at Washburn Imports.
The first thing you notice is that you’re in a furniture store!
A furniture store…..with a bar!
Here we found DJ Jerry “The Reverend” Johnson (USA) in the booth located on an aft balcony above the main room.
The music a continuous mix of 90’s Hip Hop, House and Chill. Appropriately enough, some Meatloaf (USA) too last night.
The furniture is actually brand new but designed to look old. Yes, it’s really for sale!
Spotted in the alcove: Michelle visiting The Reverend.
The music was coming off a tablet.
The Imperial is not really a dancing place but a place to come hang-out with friends to chit-chat. The place stayed super busy throughout my visit!
By far the “pièce de résistance” in downtown Sanford is Manikins Lounge.
Of course it’s loaded with mannequins.
They’re all over the place. And during each visit they’ve been rearranged so you just never know!
Some are quite realistic!
The Friday night resident at Manikins is DJ Paul Vaine (USA) of Visage and Visage Reunion fame.
The dance floor was already seeing some activity when I first arrived.
As people continued to file inside.
When the sun goes down, Goths come out!
The music a mix of Industrial, Dark Wave, New Wave, Synth-pop, etc. often with music videos. A track from DJ Amelie Lens (B) had me asking though, is this Industrial or is this Techno?
There’s an outdoor patio behind the club which is great for getting some fresh air.
Spotted in the patio cage: DJ Sisco (USA) with Elaina.
Spotted with a mannequin: Tina Vaine
Dance floor got packed! If you’re looking for the Goth scene, it’s at Manikins on Friday nights!
A good time was had by…..all.