EDC Week: What Exactly Is Tinker Field?

We all know what Camping World Stadium is, right? But when Insomniac advertises Electric Daisy Carnival – Orlando, they don’t say it’s taking place at the stadium, they say it’s taking place at Tinker Field. So what exactly is Tinker Field?
Well, Tinker Field currently is pretty much just a dirt field and not a lot more. But back in 2011 when Insomniac held it’s very first EDC-Orlando, Tinker Field was an actual baseball stadium!
Yes, right there adjacent to what was then called the Florida Citrus Bowl stadium was this rather derelict baseball stadium!
Complete with an infield…..
And an outfield. The right field wall was right up against the stadium. This place had a lot of history too with it being the spring training home of, over the years, the Brooklyn Dodgers, Cincinnati Reds, Washington Senators and Minnesota Twins! Minor League teams Orlando Twins and Orlando Rays played here too. The stadium was named after Joe Tinker, a name associated with the famous baseball double-play trio “Tinker to Evers to Chance”.
And for the first years of EDC-Orlando, Tinker Field coexisted with the kineticFIELD main stage. Look how tiny that very first kineticField stage was!
Photo of Tinker Field in the background as EDC-Orlando #1 was being constructed.
The Tinker Field infield dirt was never a popular area to congregate during EDC as seen here for this 6PM set from DJ Chris Lake (GB). It was either dusty or muddy.
But the infield grass was fair game!
And there were no restrictions on actually sitting in the stadium seats themselves! Despite the history, renovations of the football stadium took away yards of space in the baseball stadium’s right and center fields that rendered it unplayable for professional baseball. So around April of 2015, it was finally torn down by the City of Orlando.
When you’re at the circuitGROUNDS stage, look for the dirt infield since it’s still there. Long live Tinker Field.