Club Reports: Rayn & Gilt

Located in the Opal Resort complex in Altamonte Springs where the Why Not Lounge once operated, we began our Saturday night at Rayn.
DJ Matt Noriega (USA) was in the booth playing a mix of House and Top 40.
But at this 10 o’clock hour, the club was empty. It’s going to take awhile for the place to catch-on since its only been open for a week. They’ve got Thursday nights figured out with their “Why Not Lounge Thursdays” and I heard some fascinating possibilities for weekends here so we’ll keep you updated.
Modern furniture continues to arrive to fill in the vast space.
They’ve got this cool selfie-swing too for your requisite social media poses.
Spotted at the bar: Bartendress Cassidy with Jennifer. Come check out Rayn!
Next over to Gilt Concert Venue.
Where I arrived to a tag team House set from DJ Miraly (USA) and DJ 2Pull (USA).
We last saw 2Pull at Elixir Bar downtown last September. We last saw Miraly here at Gilt last July when she opened for Green Velvet (USA).
The VIP area has been extended out onto the dance floor. Not sure if this was just a change for last night of if this is permanent but I don’t like it.
I was surprised how packed the club was last night. Apparently those $10 early bird tickets were popular!
Next up, a really lively House set from DJ DΣKA (USA).
We had seen DΣKA for the first time when she opened for Alesso (S) here at Gilt in September.
And then at 12:40AM, the headliner arrived…..
DJ James HYPE (GB)
And he was as animated as they come!
His enthusiasm spread into the crowd!
Mostly House, Tech House set.
And some Deep House with his biggest hit “More Than Friends“.
An impressive show that never got very Bassy.
Spotted: My neighbors on the dance floor!
A fun night and a good time was had by all.