EDC Orlando – Day 1

After a one year gap, Electric Daisy Carnival finally returned to Orlando and it was amazing!
Arriving early, let’s take another look at the stages before they’re populated with people. Picture above, the kineticFIELD main stage.
The circuitGROUNDS secondary main stage.
The stereoBLOOM stage programmed Friday by Bass Con.
The neonGARDEN stage, programmed Friday by Factory 93.
The Rynobus Art Car stage. For this EDC this stage is kind of the “locals” stage with Dubstep on Friday, House on Saturday and Breaks on Sunday.
And a 6th stage was kind of a surprise, being added kind of “last minute”. Corona Electric Beach.
Two other areas of interest this year: Casa Bicardi
And the Liquid Death Country Club. Please note that there are no DJ’s at either of them. Sadly, no Smirnoff House this year.
The gates opened shortly after 1PM. The South Entrance is near the corner of Tampa Avenue & SR408. The North Entrance has been inside Camping World Stadium the past several years but this year it’s further east, entering adjacent the neonGARDEN stage.
People are coming in, the music has started. Where to begin? We’ll begin right here.
Opening b2b set from DJ Verse (USA) and DJ Ghost Lotus (USA).
But even at this opening hour, already drawing some fans for their mostly Dubstep set.
Corona Electric Beach is always a favorite stage so we headed there next.
Opening set from DJ Edgar V (USA).
He was delivering some much-needed House!
Since we were in the neighborhood, circuitGROUNDS was next. This stage is in Tinker Field, immediately to the west of the stadium.
Just a handful had arrived.
For a Dubstep / Heavy Bass set from DJ Sloth (USA).
He was the only “local” to play on this main stage yesterday.
The stereoBLOOM stage was next.
Just a few here too around 1:30PM.
For DJ Soren (USA).
The music here too a mix of Dubstep and Hard Dance.
A half hour later the crowd was really picking up.
Over to the neonGARDEN!
The early-arrivals got a good spot, lol.
For DJ Danyelino (USA). He’s a resident DJ at Club Space in Miami.
Saving the best for last: kineticFIELD.
Just an amazing set-up!
For DJ Rico Rox (D/USA).
Originally from Germany, he is now based in the United States.
Dance floor activity had really picked-up back at the Rynobus!.
DJ Tape-B (USA) continuing with the Dubstep.
The peeps want Dubstep!
A really young crowd at this stage.
Back to the Circuit.
Heavy Bass set.
For DJ Rated R (USA). We thought we’d see him at Abduction 2021 earlier this year but you may recall an approaching squall line forced organizers to cancel it for the safety of guests and staff.
The early crowd.
A day at the Beach!
One of the Lisbona Sisters (USA).
“More Lisbona, please!”
Joined here by one of the MASF (USA) DJ’s.
If you’re coming out for Day 2 or Day 3, you need to check this place out!
Let’s post some people pics!
DJ Ish (USA)
EDC Drum Corp.
Back to the main stage!
For DJ Kill Script (USA).
Kind of a Techno set, IMO.
And it wasn’t even 3PM yet but already getting crowded!
Back at the Bus for DJ Golden Child (USA).
Dubstep kept drawing a crowd.
Caught the shift change over to DJ PLSMA (USA).
Who continued the theme of this stage!
EDC used to put the main kineticFIELD stage on this spot but its gotten so huge that it’s been moved across Rio Grande Avenue from the stadium. So Tinker Field is now home to circuitGROUNDS.
Here we spotted DJ Devault (USA) who went more House on us.
Early arrivals snag the best spots!
Back to the beach!
For DJ Doc Brown (USA).
Also delivering us some House music!
At the Bloom, DJ trio Kami (USA).
They would do a 2hr Heavy Bass set.
They got the headbangers banging!
And they got the dance floor bouncing!
Back on the mainstage…..
DJ Acraze (USA).
And look how jammed it had become!
Huge roar of approval when he played his current hit “Do It To It“.
Kandiland in VIP.
Some more crowd pics!
Back into the tunnel where DJ Sita Abellan (E) was on the schedule but apparently was scratched.
So instead DJ Patrick Topping (GB) gave us a 3hr set of House/Tech House.
And the place was filled almost to the rear!
While at kineticFIELD, more mayhem.
DJ Morten (DK) going EDM on us!
Back on the playa…..
A big bonjour welcome to DJ Ludo Lacoste (CDN) from Montreal.
Playing some House and Deep House!
Joined by his sister in the booth.
And the crowd here too was building.
As dusk arrived, DJ Longstoryshort (USA).
He had more of a DnB vibe to his selections.
Followed by DJ D3V (USA) greeting his fans.
And there were a lot of them!
More Heavy Bass.
Earlier at the Rynobus.
Packing them in. Will be interesting to see how today’s House and tomorrow’s Breaks draws in comparison.
At the circuitGROUNDS, Taylor Chung is DJ Wenzday (USA) but I didn’t catch who the other DJ was.
More fast & furious headbanging!
Followed by more of the same from DJ duo ATLiens (USA).
On top of the bus, a b2b set from DJ Danny Time (CO/USA) and DJ Sosmoov (USA).
Followed by Tampa’s DJ Barnzikial (USA).
Still a big crowd here!
Likewise at kineticFIELD.
For DJ Vintage Culture (BR).
Had never seen him play before. His set was mostly Electro House.
And it was jamming!
As was the neonGARDEN.
For DJ Hot Since 82 (GB).
Tech House for the masses!
OMG, the masses!
Absolutely amazing view of the mainstage from up in Camping World Stadium.
DJ Kayzo (USA) on the decks!
Bringing a Dubstep / Heavy Bass set to the main field.
The downtown Orlando skyline from a distance with the neonGARDEN lit-up in the middle!
Following at the mainstage, a b2b set from…..
DJ R3hab (D) and DJ Afrojack (NL).
We first encountered R3hab at EDC-Puerto Rico in 2012. PHOTO LINK
We last encountered Afrojack when he did a private session at Sirius/XM Studios in NYC back in 2018. PHOTO LINK
No telling how long those in the front row had to stand there to snag such great views!
At stereoBLOOM, DJ Code Black (AUS) was on.
His set was more Hardstyle but everyone was going crazy!
In the Beach booth, DJ COM3T (USA) was giving us some Bass.
She was interesting to watch since she was so animated!
Beach Jam!
And at 10PM, DJ Morten (DK) was back for another set!
He had played earlier on the main stage and now he was here up close and personal with more EDM.
One last visit to the bus for DJ Celo (USA).
No one leaving here just yet either.
Some more people pics, these taken after dark!
If I took your picture yesterday and you don’t see it, please let me know since sometimes the uploads fail and I wouldn’t know it unless you informed me.
OK, it was 11PM and time for closing sets. But who to go see? For me, ALL OF THEM! Because of flashing strobes, couldn’t get a good picture of the closing neonGARDEN b2b set from Michael Bibi (GB) or The Martinez Brothers (USA).
But packed as far as the eye could see! Wow!
At kineticFIELD, a closing set from DJ Kaskade (USA).
Playing a lot of his huge catalog of hits from the past 10-plus years.
He was throwing some heat!
The lasers were flying.
And over at circuitGROUNDS, closing out the night, DJ Zedd (D).
And after a day of Dubstep on this stage, giving us the EDM hits he’s known for!
Everywhere we went last night on Day 1 of EDC-Orlando, a good time was had by all. Time for Day 2. Let’s do this again!